Monday, January 7, 2013

Just one more.... and another...

Just had to place another on-line order before midnight.  Been looking at cheap hdmi cables to see what connecting the fancy new kindle to the tv looks like.  You need a special cable to do it, and these were $3.64 each with free shipping, no minimum order.  So it was the cheapest order lately.

So the - how long has it been since I shopped on-line - clock has been reset again.

Then I got an email from Amazon UK saying - Hey, we noticed you bought tv and film dvds....  maybe you would be interested in these new and upcoming releases....

Now that feels like the dope dealer saying.....Psssst..  Hey, we know what your problem is..., and now that you are hooked.....  here is more....

Did I go look?  Yes...  Did I buy?  Nope.
But I did opt out of the dealer sending me more e-mails.

I do already know that I have one more order I want.  I have a rebate from the dishwasher installation and it comes as a credit card.  I never seem to know how to get rid of those.  And for me it would be so easy to just misplace it.  There were also energy rebates for the dishwasher and one of those comes as a credit card.  Just waiting for the cards to show up.

Started out this year trying to write down what I am spending money on.
New Year, new start.  So far I have spent $12 on groceries.  And I would like to buy new cheap bed pillows this week, so $12 again?  I don't think my problem is actual shopping, but on-line deals can seem to carry me away.

Tried to get the free library magazines over nook and it doesn't seem to work.  It would make sense that the Barnes and Noble version doesn't really want you to get free library magazines.  Does work on the computer and kindles.  You seem to be able to even print the pages from the computer version if there was a recipe or puzzle or pattern and you just wanted a page or two printed.  Nice feature to keep in mind.  Spent some time randomly reading the magazines last night.  Seems to work great, and very comfortable to use.  Seems like the Nook should be able to do the on-line version through the web site even if there is no app version.  Just don't know why it didn't seem to work.

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