Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Round One

Started crocheting a new pattern tablecloth - but only with the thread that was left over as a test.  I should get it done yet today.  Photo next time.  Considering starting a tabletopper /cloth - I bought two big spools while mom was sick, and it is a really easy pattern.  Using up the thread up seems like a good idea.  One last crochet project, then no more.  It is hard to find a pattern that I like, that I can read enough to make since I am mostly self taught.

Got my first order from Amazon UK that was shipped January 3.  It shipped in three boxes, and they all got to me the same day from the post office.  So sent on the 3rd, arrived January 22.
It had a few dvds that were rattling, and the cases were broke on the little spindle things that holds the dvd in the case properly, but that happens.  The bigger box sets seem fine.  So I'll watch the questionable dvds first.

Did place another order the night before all of this showed up.  I think it was 7 or 8 days since I last ordered anything.  Not great, but better.  I had fun putting everything I ever really considered into the cart, then laughing at how much it would cost.  My problem is that I know you can divide it up and order four times, and it doesn't look as bad, and I have sort of been doing that since Thanksgiving.  And if I had to add that number up, it would make me sick.  So hopefully, the order from Tuesday was my last order.  I want to not have a credit card bill for a few months.  I used to have netflix, so there was always a credit card bill, but now that I've stopped it, it would be nice to just give the credit card a few months off.  I am not a credit card person, or paying for groceries with a bank card.  I have cards, but I don't use them.  Except for this run or binge, or whatever it is, usually, I don't have a problem.  So I will pay off the bill when it comes this month, even before the stuff I ordered arrives.  And the goal will be for the February statement to just say zero.

I keep watching a few ebooks I would like to have, but I have not read the first ebook that I bought.  I am not going to buy more things when I haven't read the first book yet.  I'll still get the free books, and I look to see if they go on sale for $2, but I am not buying more till I read the book I had to buy the first time.  I end up reading other things.  And I am still loving the free library magazines downloads to my e-reader.  I have enough without buying more.  I know I have enough to read, and to watch.  It is nice to have something coming to look forward to getting in the mail, and maybe that is part of it, and if it is, I need to get over it.
So if I can manage with the books, and not buy even a second one, I have the discipline to not buy. 
It feels like it is out of my system and I have a new plan - at least to watch watch and read what I have, but only time will tell.  Back to use it up, wear it out.

And the second order was mailed the day after the first order, so it might show up today.

Some people are doing this with cross stitch patterns or something else, always waiting for something, always ordering more.  I know we all seem to do this at some point with something.  But I am to the point that it was fun, but it needs to stop.  If it were something else and not dvds, it would be bad and they probably have a support group for it.  Bottles of wine, men, trips to the casino, trips to the bar, trips to the craft store.
For whatever reason we all do it, but when it becomes too often, it is time to stop. 

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