Friday, January 11, 2013


Shopping, real stores, real people.  What I thought might be $12, was $175 before I got home again.  Added a $30 flu shot and got groceries.  And last night I made another on-line order.  Frustrated that the rebate card had not shown up - figured if I placed an order then it would show up the next day.  Finally called about it today.  Their automated system said it was mailed Dec 21- and today is  Jan 11.  Then I wanted to know if they were lying or was it lost in the mail.  So about that same time my mail went to the wrong house.  
The neighbor girl thought she could get away stealing 10,000.00 from her own mothers bank account, the mom noticed it was gone after a statement - she had to file a police report to get them to look into it, they track it back to her own daughter.  
I know she is still petty theiving because she stands in her backyard smoking and talking on her cell phone right under my bedroom window.  She has more drama than any soap opera.  And I figured if my credit was in her hands - it was already gone.
I explained that to the store sending the rebate - did you REALLY mail it.  They finally admitted that the automatic thing lies and it had not been mailed yet and would probably be another two weeks before it is actually mailed.
Okay - that's fine.  I just wanted the truth.  Then I was glad I hadn't waited to place another order.  So now my plan is to see if I can not leave the house for 10 days.  I should not need anything, I can't think of anything else I even want.  After 10 days you run out of milk or something.  But I haven't come close to not ordering something for that long.  But it is obviously a bad habit I need to break.
At this point nothing I have ordered has come yet.  Maybe tomorrow.

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