Friday, January 25, 2013

Test Pattern

Finished the remaining thread and the test of the pattern.  Here's the photo.
Liked the pattern, but if I finished it, it is only 45 inches, not big enough to use up two big balls of thread, so I'll look for something else.  Nice little pattern and it gets fancier on the outer edges, but I ran out of the leftover thread before getting that far. 

My messing around with shiny things finally distracted me enough to cost me $121.  It was the same as if I flushed the money.  So I have learned my lesson, made out my 'to do' list, and going to try to get life back to organized instead of just ignoring things.  A list today with basic housework, then start to dig back into the paperwork.  Ignoring the world was fun while it lasted.  It was more than most people ever get to do.
It wasn't a huge mistake, but it was enough to get my attention, and teach me a lesson.  The trick will be to see if I learned anything from it, and not to do it again.

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