Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday updates...

It is still in the hoop, so no photo...
But I am working on one of the Long Dog Patterns, not the Escher.
It was started before, but I wanted to change so much of it, and didn't remember what I had changed before, so I just started stitching anyway.  I think my theory was to stitch the parts I wanted to keep, and then add or change the rest.  But I really don't remember.  Mind like a steel sieve.

What am I watching and buying for dvds? 
This week I am watching - Real Crimes on Youtube.  Watching episodes one right after the other is just too much violence, but the stories are so interesting that I want to watch them all.  Watching how cctv comes into play is very interesting since they don't have that here. 
As for what I am buying?  Old stuff mostly.  It started out that I wanted the Only Fools and Horses, and Goodnight Sweetheart, One Foot in the Grave and Hustle sets.  Then because the Downton series was so cheap, it has doubled in price now - I pick those too.  Then because the cost was half price to buy the UK version, I got Six Feet Under, and Queer as Folk.  All stuff that I have seen before, but wanted a good set, or wanted the version with extras.  So added Chef, and Dinnerladies, Thin Blue Line, Cold Feet, Coupling, Psychoville, Little Britain, League of Gentlemen, The Office, New version of Upstairs Downstairs, Mulberry, Ashes to Ashes, Black Books, After You've Gone, Lost In Austen, Sinchronicity, Bob & Rose, Jonathan Creek, and Mad Dogs.
I picked up a few that I knew nothing about - In Loving Memory, and Worst Week of My Life sets.  Youtube has been great because I could watch an episode to see if I was interested or not.  Sometimes the humor just does not translate for me.  Started watching Benidorm - love Steve Pemberton - and knew nothing about the series.  Watched Mad Dogs and loved that enough to order it, and just waiting for series 3.
Had just finished watching Cracker - both versions.  Also picked up Red Dwarf, and original Upstairs Downstairs sets to watch again.  And Life on Mars - the UK version was so good, the US version ends completely differently. 
Just placed an order again - but I am running out of ideas.  My tastes in tv are unusual for a woman, and so is my sense of humor.  I have seen a few of the Frost series, and like the actor, but it was more my mom's style, not mine.  There is the stuff that is on tv here all the time - Are you being served? and Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes By, Last of the Summer Wine, Yes Minister.  Not into Dr Who, but loved Red Dwarf.  Love Dexter and Breaking Bad and Sopranos.  Really enjoyed watching Goodnight Sweetheart from beginning to end.  Loved seeing the Downton butler show up in the Cracker series as the bad guy...  so good.  Loved seeing the Life On Mars guy in Cracker too.
So I am still trying to find a few things to watch thru Youtube, like most of Benidorm, and Real Crimes, but it is pretty hit and miss, because I don't know what to look for.  If you have a suggestion... tell me...
I am undecided about In Loving Memory - Porridge seemed predictable - Fun at the Funeral Parlour seems odd... liked Butterflies, liked A Fine Romance...  Bought Lost in Austen again - because the UK version put back in the 'Downtown' song that Amanda sings. 
Would have bought Manchild, but that is not around.  Did buy the US series of Caroline in the City - the set says the episodes were out of order, so I ordered the seasons.  Much cheaper to buy from there than here. 
But have seen prices there double on some things since January 1, so I was glad to get what I did.
There were some things that the library could provide - loved the Long Way Round, and Long Way Down series.  Have seen All Creatures series, and Ballykissangel.  Have Monarch of the Glen, but have not watched it yet. Lark Rise to Candleford might be good to watch all at once, but I was getting it hit and miss.
I am sure there are more that I have - but that has been what has been on my tv lately.  More than enough.
With all of that, I really don't miss cable tv. 
And it is all good to stitch while watching.

Looking forward to the next cross stitch show.  Already a few things I am considering ordering.  Haven't ordered any cross stitch for nearly a year.  Last thing I got was the Long Dog book of patterns.  I went through Canada to get it, but it is a pretty good deal through the UK too.

So the credit card had almost a month off.  But my binge buying of video feels over.  Easy to say when I ordered just last week. 

On the other front - my friend with the husband in the care center.  They put him on hospice this week.
Talked to her this morning, and I doubt he will survive the week.  They have been married well over 60 years.  She is not feeling well, and the stress is dragging her down more also.  She knows I will do anything she asks of me, and that is all I have to give her.  She is ready to let him go, but saying it, and doing it are very different things.  And I know because of the alzheimers', she feels she lost him long ago.  Because of the medication or dying process he appears to be having some flashbacks to his time during the war, which she is finding disturbing also.  I am sure on some level she would have to feel that she is losing him over and over again...

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