Sunday, February 17, 2013

Page 15 Completed

Page 15 completed of 35...
It seems to take me about a week to complete a page.
I am enjoying watching my UK dvds, so sitting for long stitching sessions is very easy.

The second order that was mailed January 4 never did show up, so I did the 'chat' thing, and they resent the order.  This time with tracking numbers.  They sent it really quick - like they sent it Monday, and I got it Wednesday.  I am still waiting on one more, it was sent Jan 22 and still has not shown up.  Out of nine boxes, two have gone missing - and the third was nearly returned.

I have been pretty good about slowing down my spending.  Groceries and bills and only $35 for gasoline so far this year.  So I am staying home.  The day just flies by.

Going to look into my stitching stash - would like a break from this, or a week of this and a week of something else...  I am really glad to be back stitching again.


Keebles said...

I do the same thing...pop in a British DVD (right now I'm watching The IT Crowd) and get to stitching! The time just flies by.

You do good to get yours so quickly, I have to wait weeks.

demeter83 said...

(As a Brit), I'm curious, what are your British dvds? What are you watching at the moment?
For some reason I haven't seen your blog for a while, I haven't seen your progress for ages.