Saturday, February 2, 2013

The package has arrived

Got the package in the mail the next day.
Called the my postal substation to explain - and he said, there were 1000 packages that had been mis-canned.  Or miss canned - or some technical mail term that keeps the rest of the world guessing.
So he went to check, and a few minutes later told me it would be delivered later that day, and it was.

I waited with my hat and boots on for two hours - and ran out when I heard the mail truck -
Went running out still flinging my coat on as I am bounding down the front steps,
( this is not a pleasant site ), in my sweatpants and t-shirt.

I get to the mailbox just as the carrier is scanning the package...
And I realize I don't think I have ever seen this woman carrier before.
She wasn't the other woman that I had as a carrier before the snow.  She wasn't the guy that I had seen the day before.  So there is no point in asking this woman - Hey, why are you returning my packages and saying I have moved???

It wasn't much bigger than a book - why would you not just scan it, and leave it in the mailbox?
I understand not leaving a package on a snow covered step with no sign of anybody around, but if it fits in the box, and you are delivering mail, why would you not leave it???  Again, not point in asking...

When I was on the phone, I explained that I might live next to the FOR SALE sign, and I might not clean my driveway the day it snows, but what exactly has to happen for them to write - moved and left no forwarding address...
He said leaving the mail in the mailbox for 30 days would do it.  He said they would usually take it back, and still hold it for another two weeks after that.

I've never gone more than four days without walking to the mailbox.  I don't get it.  And I have not done that recently... 

So maybe I am just randomly part of this 1000 package error.  He said he had been answering phone calls all morning, and it was something they either did, or some system problem.

What I have concluded - Men were involved, nobody will every really know what happened...

But they brought me the package that said on the tracking that they were sending it back to the seller.
I am still expecting two more packages, and I would not bet money on them either way.

But I am planning on bounding out to the mailbox like some goofy happy St. Bernard dog.
Just enough to make a memorable impression that somebody does live here, and that I have not moved.
Seeing me bounding out to the mailbox would be a sight most people would never forget...

And probably kind of scary...


Finished the page I was cross stitching - no photo today.  I was mid page when I picked up stitching again.  It was a tough page, and so I moved over to the next new page, and complete it yesterday.  I then started to just finish the incomplete middle page, and hope to have it done yet today or tomorrow.
Photo next time...

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MarchAnn said...

Glad you got one of your packages and really glad you didn't have to pack all the boxes to move.