Friday, March 29, 2013

Cheap Thrills and another UFO

Again, from the bottom of the UFOs.
But it is getting close - and is back in the hoop, so I see a possible finish.  ( crossing my fingers...)
I did discover that I shifted the top half of the design over one thread....  ugh.... but I will live with it.
I widened the pattern, and shifted the motifs to center them better for spacing.  All in hopes that it will fit into a standard size frame when it is done. 

On to more important news.  I got to email Julia Line from Long Dog Samplers.  Since she is my favorite cross stitch designer - it was a total thrill to have her pull a random blog photo of mine to put on her blog.  Then I popped up to say hello.  But that she said hello back was really amazing to me.  A cheap thrill.  Better than meeting any movie star for me.  And she has been so very nice. 
If you haven't been to her new web site - it is here...
Her old website is no longer updated - but her new site has much more.

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