Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another from the old pattern pile...

This is the next odd thing - Be Not Weary from Hands to Work.
Bad photo - photos were either too light or too dark.
I thought that the rabbit was going to be the off white that is on the right hand side, until I went to put the first stitch in.  Decided to just stitch the pattern as designed, and then consider restitching or changing later...
Stitching on a scrap of 25 count that was big enough to do this one and the companion rabbit design next.
Actually - that little left hand side border that is strawberries, but to me looks more like radishes...
It looks like an expensive piece of ribbon when stitched.  Truly beautiful.  This photo does not reflect that.
Is supposed to have words and stuff stitched in some outside boxes - will probably stitch the boxes and think about it more while stitching the companion design next.  Will be about 4 inches square when completed.

It has begun to rain 40 days and 40 nights here... well, it seems like that.  It took out the router during the first storms.  Modem and computer are fine, and a new router is on the way.
Finished watching Life on Mars, and Ashes to Ashes.  Odd series ending - loved the series and characters, but I think it is just one of those that any ending would seem odd.  You just sort of never want to leave the characters.  Really interesting that between the US and British versions, even they didn't agree on endings and they end completely differently.
It is great weather to just watch tv and stitch away the night.


Claire said...

Your bunny looks fab.

Fay and Charlette said...

If the Life on Mars you are referring to is the TV show that aired here in the States a few years ago, the ending was "forced" because the ratings were so bad that they had to wrap it up. I was a big fan, but when a show goes on hiatus for two months, well, its kind of hard to get back into the swing of things.
I think your bunny is fabulous. and yes, the things on the border look like radishes! I first made a brown bunny last year and I thought I would never go back to white...ever!