Friday, April 12, 2013

Unusual for me...

This is the latest odd thing from the stash.  Prairie Schooler's Three Bears.
This was as of this morning.  I can not explain why I wanted to stitch this, but I have from the moment I saw it.  It is not wonderful or have any odd memory attached to it.  But it will be one of those patterns I compulsively need to stitch.  So just stitch it and move on.  It is on light gray - only because I also have another one from this series, and I suspect it will bother me to not stitch at least one more - and I will want them on the same material to match slightly.  At least they stitch quickly.

I went more than a month before ordering more dvds.  And I did order just one, and a couple of real books.
Much better than my dvd bingeing before.  Had to asked them to resend a missing dvd order from Feb 22.  They are always really nice about doing it.  And they are resending it very quickly again, so I am sure there will be a customs fee again.  I already know the next thing I want - but it is not out till July.  I think now it will just be picking up a few new releases of show series as they become available.  So I am finding some control again - and some moderation.  It is really odd when you are accountable to no one.  I stay up stitching till 5 am, and sleep till 1 pm.  Finally get dressed by 3 pm, and repeat.  Nobody normal would be doing this..., and I am finding it really relaxing.  And since I am not dealing with the outside world much - it works, but I know it is weird.  Summer will force me back to normal - at least until I deal with my parents house.  But like a kid, I am pushing the limits of weird until the last moment when I am forced back to a more normal pattern of life.

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Claire said...

You got lots done.