Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Elisabeth Scholl - started.

Elisabeth Scholl from Barrick Samplers.
The first thing I did was the stitch that full red star in blue - dog-gone-it.  So it did not start well.
Two colors, and I can still mess it up.  Slightly darker blue that the pattern suggested I think.  It sometimes looks gray, sometimes blue, so it works for the birds nicely. On mottled Queen Anne's Lace 28 count, one over one.

Worked more on Lauren's Sampler - so it is further than the last photo.  Love the lettering color, DMC 3787, would call it smoke -  in that pattern, just for my own future reference.  Would consider using that alone also in a larger single colored design. Also used a nice red from that first rabbit - DMC 3857, a deep red that is not the usual reds we grab for single red projects.  Hard to find a satisfying red, but that is one to consider. 

Keep watching that 4 pot dickie pattern as it grows.  Sure is lovely.  Considering colors still... red? black? smoke?  Just keep admiring hers as it grows.  I know I'd never stitch it as one long piece because I am too cheap to pay to custom frame it that way.  But 3 sections, might not be too bad.  Still tossing and turning and admiring from afar.  It's truly lovely MarchAnn.

Think I am finally done revisiting my past relationship.  I needed to tell him that I had tried to find him after high school, that he needed to know that.  I could hear his emotion in his voice when he asked me 'When?....'  He had always thought that he had done or said something to hurt me, and that was what ended us.  Always told him no.  Telling him finally that I had tried to find him, proved that he had done nothing wrong.  He could finally believe me.  He was searching his mind to know if he was single or not at that point - he was single - it was three years before he met his wife.  It would have been our time, just as I had always suspected, even as a girl.  I knew telling him would not change now, nor should it.  But there is amazing comfort to finally learn that somebody cared that much about you even years later.  Or even if you just did something silly with a friend, and they remembered it fondly years later.  We all need a dose of that from time to time from the people around us..He was able to give me a great attitude adjustment - and I really needed that, as we all do from time to time.
We would have loved the stuffin' out of each other.  Simple as that.

Down just under 23 pounds in 23 days now.  Really thought I hit the wall at 20 - decided a deep fat fried breaded tenderloin was the perfect way to end.  But still down the next day.  Just playing it day by day and how I feel now.  But today I feel great with a great attitude and a burst of energy.

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