Friday, May 3, 2013

No Stitching Time

Stitching time has not happened.  Trying to start at my mom's again.
Trying to schedule the auction.  Trying to coordinate enough guys to completely unload a house and garage in less than two hours before an auction. I tell them it isn't as bad as trying to help somebody move...
They just have to get the furniture out of the house, onto the front yard for the auctioneer.  And since it is a walk out basement - and we have a trailer we pull with a mower to haul stuff around the house, they don't even have to carry stuff - it will not be awful.  No large appliances are involved - no dragging stuff up or down stair steps.

But some of the guys I have not seen for 16 years.  They still remember me - and they are willing to help me.
I may have been awful at picking husbands, but I do know how to pick men that I can still depend on to help me.  They know I would not just ask if I was not backed into a corner.  Having other guys they know, but maybe have not seen for a while will make it fun for all of us.

But there is always that - hey, remember me - moment.  When it is silent, and the gears are turning.
I am always curious what their first words will be that tell me that they know me, or sometimes it is it is just how they felt about me.  Today I got- I remember you - you were always a good friend to me.  We used to joke about lots of stuff.... and I added, and you used to bear hug me and crack my back for me when it hurt.

Seeing all these guys that were men I trusted all together again will be the nicest thing to begin this next part of my life.

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