Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stitching for sanity.

Okay, to keep my sanity - stitching does seem to help.  I think this is a fourth  or more of the pattern, the bottom right hand corner.  This part mirrors the left side bottom corner. This photo also shows how that blue does read as blue sometimes, and nearly gray sometimes.

As far as other news - I have an auction date - July 13.  Talked to him May 4, and that was the next Saturday he had available - after that was into August...  Met the auctioneers lovely wife.  Asked lots of questions about what happens if it rains.  My friend was with me to ask any questions she had, and because I can't remember anything for longer than an hour due to stress and trying to remember 1001 other things.
The auctioneers wife says it is just like planning a wedding.  My friend got that right away.  She has a married son, she would have had her own wedding at some point.  I however, although I have been married twice, and divorced twice, have never planned a wedding, and never had a wedding.  First time I was married in my living room by a guy that I later found out might not actually have had the proper forms to marry couples at all. So him, my husband, me, his co-worker and wife, and my co-worker.  In a ranch style house living room, six people is about the maximum standing before you start to fall over the coffee table if anybody moves.  Married in my jeans - no wedding cake, rings but not wedding rings.  I think my friend took a photo - don't remember ever seeing it, maybe there was no film in her camera, or it came out awful.  The second wedding was about the same except substitute lawyers office for living room, and only his best friend, and my best friends as witnesses.  Had actual wedding rings that time, and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  We picked up the cake on the way home, it was frozen so solidly that nobody could eat it, because you could not cut it, for days....
No honeymoons.  My second husband took his nephew to the state amusement park without me for the day.  Sounded like fun to me, I just wasn't invited to come along...  and that was my first clue on how long that second marriage was going to last.  But I started as the good new wife saying - sure honey, I'll go back to work - you have fun with your nephew...   we had dated off and on about four years, the marriage itself lasted about six months, but I am sure this was already the beginning of the end for me.
Anyway, you needed that history to understand my completely puzzled look when told that planning an auction is just like planning a wedding....
Okay, we have the date and location, I get that...
Oh boy, I get to be the bride....
Um, wait, me being the bride never actually works out that well for me...  does anybody else want to be the bride????  I am slightly veering from bride idea, and thinking of myself as the woman they toss into the volcano so the crops are good for the year... I know she is usually a virgin - so again, I would not be the village's first choice....  but they actually like the virgin girl, so I will do for this year's toss.  And I already know the crops will not be good if I am the one tossed into the volcano - probably something involving swarms of locusts....

I did get that my former guy friends I was trying to get to help haul stuff out the morning of the auction were like Groomsmen with big muscles...  and I asked every guy I had known and was close to going back twenty years, and could only list seven guys, four of which I am convinced will show up and not let me down.  The other three, have the date - but I can not count on them to actually show up.
I have another woman that I worked with - I am confident she will come - and I hope for a couple of the wives of the men I can count on.  That is the wedding party.

The woman that I worked with now owns a coffee shop, and can bring coffee for everybody, and I will bring rolls and donuts from the local bakery that morning. I guess that is the catering for the wedding party.

I have always said I could never throw a tupperware party and expect anybody to show up, or even a funeral for that matter.  So them telling me that this auction is just like a wedding and saying next is the choosing the dress...  still leaves me completely clueless.

As with all things in my life - it will play out exactly as it is supposed to play out.  I can worry about what will happen, but it will not change anything that actually does happen that day.
I know that my friend is a cleaning organizing machine, and as long as I can keep myself at least positive and trying, she will drag me out the other side of all of this.  I told her this, and she says indeed she will.

So time to try to take care of the 1001 other things that need done.  Yards to mow - laundry - dripping shower to fix at my house.  Called the roofer - left a message on his cell phone.  He has not called me back.  Pop was on sale yesterday - I bought 27 - 18 packs -  486 cans of pop.  I am set for a while.
And tonight I get to go have a beer and BS with the guy that is 72 that I worked with.  I was not aware that having a beer required a date like time, and arrangement.  I thought it was a matter of just catching the guy, you relax and have a beer if he doesn't have other plans or something he never misses on tv.  Nope, there are rules to that too.  Who knew?

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