Thursday, July 4, 2013

And Closer...

The Fourth of July is really closer to the July 13 auction date...

We got 2 hayracks on Tuesday.  We did a metal run on Tuesday.  Took everything we had stashed and hoped it was maybe our last metal run totally.  Got $100. and split it as usual.  Good for just a car trunk full of metal.  We were not sure if the hayracks would be there or not when we got back or at all during the day.  The woman helping me said - I wish the guy would show up with the hayracks...
We crested the hill, and there was the hayrack guy in the driveway with 2 hayracks.

Then she said... I wish that I would win the lottery....

I thought she had already blown the wish for Tuesday on the hayracks.
So we measured twice, and figured it out so we would have a plan for Friday.  We should be able to preload them with items for the auction and push them back into the garage.  The garage is 3 stalls, and they will bring us a couple more wagons on Monday.  It will be tight, but it should work.

We unloaded more from the basement last Monday.  Then after twice around the house with the trailer full of basement items, the mower would not restart. 

The house upstairs is packed.  Boxes on the floor full of dishes.  The front bedroom is packed to the doorway, you can't enter it anymore.  The kitchen is clear on the counters.  The path to the bathrooms is good.  The basement is much better, not empty, but we need men to help with some of the stuff that remains.  And the couple of loads we could bring around with 4 rockers, and a small table, and a cabinet... - there just is no place to put it upstairs at this point.  I am trying not to refill the back bedroom,  It is a hallway with a 90 degree corner, and it would have to come right back around the corner again.  A pain.

I wake up in the middle of the night trying to arrange stuff.  Trying to remember what I need to do yet.
I try to sleep some during the day, just a nap, because I know I am awake more than half the night.  Can't nap either.  We are pretty well as far along as we can get.  We do not feel like we are chasing where we should be.  We will be the last couple of days.  That will all depend on the weather, and who shows up.
I am confident in a few of my guys, but not all of the guys I have asked.  Some of them I was reaching just on the off chance they would help if they knew I was desperate, but I have not been around them for 25 years.  My thought was it did not hurt to ask and explain the situation.

I keep telling the auctioneer, that it is just her and I setting most of this up, and we need time.  He needs to have that picture in his head. 

I also live next to neighbors that it would not be safe to leave a hayrack full of tools in the yard.  By morning, it would be empty.  I know I will have to do that the night before the auction, and just have to stay awake to keep an eye on stuff.  And by the time the auction is over, I will be exhausted.  Just am trying to prepare myself to being awake about 48 hours.  And keeping a smile on my face... 

That is the reason to have the men around me that care about me.  To take care of me.
To help me keep my sense of humor.  At this point, I am not going to lose my mind over an auction.  It will work out as it is supposed to work out.  I can stress and fret about it, but I could never have done it alone, and that was the task put before me after my parents were both dead. 
My friend got me this far, and I know she will drag me out the other side.
She gets that I could never have done this on my own.

The goof that wanted to look at the house - never did show up.  I don't care or know what his problem is, but I was offering the house for $210K.  The house the realtor sold nearby sold the first week for $160K.
Then there was a house directly behind my mom's house, but across that street.  It sold for $230K the first day it was listed.  Another house nearby about the same age as my mom's house was sold the first day or week it was listed for $169K.  Selling the first day proves they were under what the market is.  So mom's house is now going to start at $230K.  It will cost me more because it needs a roof yet, and the realtor commission will be more.  He was trying to give me a break if I could come up with a buyer with cash. 
I will still probably net only slightly more by raising the price, and I am not sure how it will do.  But I would be sick to see is go for $210K the first day again.  All the neighbors have had water in their basements.  At least twice so far this wet spring.  My parents house is dry, and I have never seen water in the basement in 50 years.  That alone is worth something.  Need to get past the auction - then deal with trying to sell the house on the open market.  I was trying to get the people that have been my parents neighbors since 1964 people that they knew as neighbors.  We can't always pick our neighbors, so even if the dope sellers next door offer me full price, I will take it and just have to say that it was too bad your buddy was saying he was interested, and basically lying to your face.  He was all talk, and no real interest.  I made the effort, and nothing ever happened, other than him wasting the realtor's time. 
I told the realtor from the beginning that this guy was going to just feel like he has wasted his time.  That is exactly what has happened.  But it kept me from selling the house under market.  I can't really say why the market is so good for that area.  It is a specific lot size that is selling well.  Larger than half acre lots, and is barely outside the city limits in the county.  Which means the taxes are about half of the city taxes.  The house is assessed at $145K.  Still not sure where exactly to start.  I know somebody trying to get financing will get stuck because they lender will say it is too much above the assessed value... so it will take somebody that has money or can buy down to the finance level they need.  I just paid the insurance again.  I can sit on it a while if it does not sell right away.  And it will still need new carpet in the living room.  But that house has really good bones.  Not cracks in the ceilings or walls.  A view.  Not just looking at the house across the street, and the house behind you...
Never sold a house, or bought a house.  It will all be new for me too.

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