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Tales of the Auction - Part 1

Okay - so the truth is out - I stink at posting multiple photos.
The top one shows what we ( myself and the woman that was crazy enough to say she would help me ) faced - this is with the hayracks full and pushed back into the garage.

The second two photos show the four - yes four - full hayracks. 
That is just garage items, and not ALL of the garage stuff.  There was stuff still on the benches and shelving.  But it was a large part of it.  And it was all completely sorted at this point.

The next two are closer shots of the hayracks.  Then the auctioneer guys come and sort it better so that they are happier with it.  That takes two of their guys with one of my guys helping them, about 6 hours.
By then we had the stuff that was covered on that four hayrack off of that hayrack, and we managed to refill it with the rest of the items from the garage.  What had been on the fourth hayrack was wall cupboards and trunks, 30 toolboxes and tackle type boxes...  stuff we had to have out of the garage in order to shove the three hayracks back into the garage.

And if you were wondering - nope that is not me - that is the lady that is the organizing, cleaning, energizer bunny woman that has helped me do this for the last nearly two years.

And the bottom photo is the shelf.  From about that sewing machine cabinet forward.  If you look in the other photos - you will see that it divides the two stall part of the garage in half.
The auctioneer promised to try to sell it.  My guys even got it out of the garage...

Wanna guess what did not sell...???  Wanna guess what is now shoved back into the garage???
Wanna guess the one thing that the realtor told me I have to get rid of???
Wanna guess what tools I now need that were sold at auction dirt cheap to bust this thing into pieces that will go into a dumpster???  You know, the tools that I no longer have???
Yep, I cried.

He was doing so well selling everything.  I forgot that I was going to get stuck with stuff at the end.  This was the thing that put me into tears, and had cuss words flying out of me.  I was exhausted, and suddenly realized I should have busted it up, and gotten rid of it in a dumpster when I had the tools and before.  It was a huge mistake that I had missed my opportunity.  And I knew there would be another dumpster after the sale, but I was messed up as far at destroying it easily.

Then one of the guys that has helped me said he would bring something and bust it up for me.  This is why I love the men in my life - and he is the guy that can bust it in just a half hour.  Me it would take a full day, and be dangerous if it fell on me.

I realize I have not mentioned, that the photos are just of the garage items.  No house stuff.  No dishes or furniture.  Just tools.
And there was three grain wagons full of just wood and lumber that the same guy was kind enough to haul away and chip for me because the auctioneer told me it would never sell.
So add that to this mess.
And there was another kid - I say kid be he is married with kids of his own... he hauled metal away in his pickup truck.  He thought there would be a trip, maybe two...  How much metal could I possibly have...
I was willing to let him have the money if he would haul it for scrap.  There were four of us - plus him to load it into his pick up truck - we would fill it in just minutes...
I think he made at least 9 runs just with garage stuff.  He also hauled away a metal garden yard type shed - and all my appliances - two refrigerators, washer, dryer, two dehumidifiers, air conditioner, gas stove, an upright freezer.  ( that left me with just the normal one stove, and one refrigerator.... )

So there was more stuff in this garage.  And my mom and I had taken over several truckloads to the scrap place after my dad died 12 years ago.  Mom had a truck - we made several trips to get rid of stuff then.
I had her truck when she died - I just did not trust that truck - and got rid of it nearly first.

Sold it to the car scrap place - then as we are getting into the final days of this - my mothers truck drives by her house - FREAKED ME OUT.   Turns out the people in some houses behind my mother are probably friends with other people at the car scrap place and probably bought my mom's truck.  But I sold it saying it is dangerous.   The brakes will not hold if parked on an incline.  If you park in on a none flat surface and went into the store - when you came out - the truck may or may not be where you left it parked.
And it sometimes would not shift correctly.  Like going from first to second - it would stick in neutral.  The way to fix it was to have a person in the truck - another person under the hood with a broom stick banging on the shifter linkage.
Bet that the 19 year old kid driving mom's truck will not know that when it locks up for him.
So if you see my mom's truck anywhere near you - even across the parking lot?  You really do not want this truck near you or behind you in traffic.
I took it to the scrap yard telling them to destroy it - they just buy vehicles - they do not have to do what I requested - and instead choose to put this truck back on the road.  Sort of a nightmare.  But it is no longer my truck.  And it is a truck with a standard shift - and power nothing.  No air conditioning.  No power brakes or steering.  The neighbor guy tells me that those people swap parts in and out of trucks so often they could have put a different transmission and brakes on the thing by now...
Yep, they could have - but I am still betting they have not, and bought it cause it was crazy low mileage and dirt cheap.

I have looked for it since - and not seen it again - guess they were just dropping off somebody at the house nearby - but it still freaked me out to see a truck that was my mothers that I had asked to be destroyed for safety reasons, drive past my mothers house when I am outside to see it drive past...
I do not live there - I really do not watch cars that go by much - so what are the chances???

So what else to say about the auction?
We had the Friday before to work on the hayracks - so by 4 pm, that part was ready to go, and they had them moved to the back yard.
The next morning at 6am - I had my guys all showing up to unload the house.
I had eight people - plus my friend and me.
I had six actually - two guys brought their grown boys.  So the youngest was twenty, the oldest was 72.
Most of us were mid 50's.
It was my one huge favor to ask of the men I have worked with.  What I told them was it would sort of be like moving house.  But the best part was that we just had to take all of the stuff and put in on the front yard, and then we could all leave.  We needed to be done by 8am.  So two hours.
Some guys told me that it could not be done.
The auctioneer would bring tables - he was not going to show till 6:30 - My guys will be here at 6 - YOU need to be here with tables at 6.  At 8 am - my guys are gone - I have promised them that I will not mess up their whole day - empty the house - talk with the other guys you used to work with and have a small reunion - stay if you like - but leave when you like once the house is empty.

So the guy bringing the tables did not show up till 6:20.  We waited and had donuts.  They started setting up tables - we started to unload the house.  We bucket brigaded out the boxes of dishes with and other pieces of furniture would come out along between boxes of stuff.
By 7:30 my guys had the house empty.  MY GUYS WERE FABULOUS.
Their one guy decided to help us inside - guess who was the biggest pain in my ....
I should have just tossed him out and said my guys were just fine without him trying to help us.
We obviously had it under control with out him.  And the guys I worked with knew if I said to just stop - they would just stop - their guy was an idiot, and would not listen to me at all.

So if you are ever in that situation - remove the idiot, and shove him back outside of the house - let him work for the auctioneer - he hired and likes the guy - I did not.  It was the only time I yelled all day.  And when I told him to stop - he ignored me.
The man is lucky to have left that house with both testicles.

I did not take photos other than the Friday setting up the hayracks.  My friend took some - she has tried about 6 times to email me the photos, but they never actually get to me.

I talked to the realtor last weekend - he said that as he was leaving - somebody that brought a china cupboard had not gotten up to highway speed before it had fallen off of the truck and they were picking up the busted stuff to get it off of the highway after the sale.  We had three, I don't have a clue which one it was.

I have a few more stories - but this is a long enough part one of the auction tales...

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