Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What will break next?

Pulled the carpet from mom's house - not the pad since there are ten thousand staples and it will be easier to see the staples in the pad as I pull them. 
When we pulled the bathroom rug - it was wet behind the toilet - so now that is added to the list.
After pulling carpet and filling dumpster - went to get new washer and dryer.
Delivery is the 27th - two weeks from now.  The computer wanted to go three weeks for something they have in stock.  I said you won't need my address, I will be the smelly woman in dirty clothes.
I probably could have made it two weeks, but naturally, you don't discover the washer is not working till you already have a weeks worth of laundry. 

Went to get my yearly quilt pin.  On the way there - suddenly there was a doe popping out of the ditch and woods onto the highway - I thought - lovely doe - not usually this close and she really is quite lovely...  before finally thinking - holy crap - I am going 55 miles per hours, and there is a deer in front of my car.  Luckily, the deer was smarter and more used to cars than I was seeing a deer in the road, and stepped out of the way before I even got to the - holy crap - thought. 

Then on the way home decided to drive past my ex-husbands trailer.   I do not go out of my way to do this, just if I am out of town and coming home past there.  We were married in 92 and divorced in less than a year - and then I dated him again in 2007 when he was busted and filing bankruptcy in 2007.  Last time I saw him was then and we were throwing stuff in my front yard and screaming at each other.  But I figured he could replace the stupid wet plywood under the toilet - and I would have to pay him something - but since he always seems to be home, and sometimes is out of work - maybe he needs the money as much as I need the help.  So I drove past, and like the silly deer standing in the road, he was outside - so I rolled down the window and asked him is he ever goes to work....
He asked me to come in to talk, and I did. 
A beer later for me, and two for him, and we went to my mom's house to look at the toilet.
All through this - men will follow me to that house when I show up out of the blue - it is VERY weird.
He looked at it, and yes it is leaking somewhere - but till I pull the toilet, it is hard to tell.  It is solid around it, and may be just the wax ring leaking slightly - and we could see the floor from the basement - and it is not wet through the plywood.  But he said if I pull it and it needs to be fixed - he would help me.  But I know that depends on what he charges me. 

But we caught up on everything since 2007.  And he said he was just released from the local version of the psych ward within the last two weeks.  He was drinking with his brother in law with his sister, and probably complaining about paying his bills since he is just working temp jobs and side building jobs.  I am sure he was drunk and said something that hit her as odd, and so she called the cops who took him to the local hospital psych ward.  He sat there for 3 hours - they did not have a room, they shipped him down the road to another town hospital and let him sit there for another 3 hours.  They had room and admitted him for three days.  He got the bill for the three hours at the first place and said it was $2000.  He has not gotten the bill for the second place.  He has no insurance.  He takes drugs for anxiety and depression - and is off his meds because he cannot afford them.  And he has been suicidal before at some point while I was not around him.
So I understand why she did what she did - but by doing that - she buried him in hospital debt.
If he was barely able to cover things before - he is screwed to the wall now and can't cover this at all.
I was around for the last bankruptcy, and sort of curious as the 7 year mark rolled around if he finally would be fine - or it he would be right back to bankruptcy again.  So it was mostly my own curiousity that brought me around to see him.  And like the rest of the men in my life since my mom's death - they show up as I need them.  If he had been inside - I just keep going - and if the local store had the washer and dryer in stock - then I don't go out of town and past him to see him... was lots of combinations to put me there then to see him outside.
He makes his own choices and he chooses to drink beer every day - and smoke.  It is what makes him happy.  And now he is smoking not cigarettes now but small cigar type things.  And today I can smell it -
and if it is indeed in my clothing - I can't wash it out of my clothes for two weeks yet.
Today I am off to pull some staples from the pad and fill nail holes.
Crank up the music and sing to my self with headphones on.  The time will pass quickly.

But with two things already wrong this week - I am waiting for the third thing to break.

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