Saturday, October 12, 2013

Catching up...

 Sort of finished up the old project- need to add some dates at the bottom above the birds, but have to decide how the dates will fit, and do a bit of research to find the dates.  I put in the name, and tried to rough draw it out first - and then a couple of the letters were just slightly wider - so it is not perfectly centered, and I could always stick a bird on the ends - again, just not exactly sure.  But overall, I'm happy with it.  Was not sure if the name should be red, it was red on the pattern, so I went with red.  But I will admit, I started because I liked the stars, I was sort of hating those stars by the end.  Well, I still like them, but I don't want to stitch any for a while.
And I had a blogger ask me about Goode Huswife patterns, and this came up in our talks - Our House.  She said she wanted to stitch it, and that got me to thinking with the pumpkins and leaves, it was the thing to stitch in the fall.  It has a stone looking house and wall, so it is sort of slow going changing colors, and just a bit of this and that.  Those black squares are shutters on the windows of the house. and the bottom half of the front door.  Have not been stitching much, but would like to stitch more again.  I never regret spending an evening with my needle in hand.  I do regret spending all night playing some silly kindle game while watching tv, verses stitching and watching tv.

STILL working on my mothers house.  I am painting the inside.
I hired my ex-husband - that lasted three days before I fired my ex-husband.  Oh, and he was really mad when I fired him.  He got sick about the day he started to help me - then I got what he had days later.  But I was sick then for weeks.  I will not complain - better now, then before an auction - or while my mom was sick.  He told me it was basically a summer cold.  He lied, and since I never touched him - just painted near him, I have no clue why I got sick.  And it was not gone in 14 days - it lasted nearly a month.

So I am painting alone.  I am slow.  And after buying paint - I am painting bedrooms, and closets, and ceilings.  My friend helped me pick out the ceiling paint color - ceiling white of course, but who knew that there were so many colors of ceiling white.  I don't mind painting.  I am listening to audiobooks - and am on the fourth book.
I scheduled them to deliver the bathroom vinyl and living / dining / hallway carpet on Nov 4 - so that it sort of backs me up against a time deadline to help me get my butt out there to finish.  I do not have to have the bedrooms done by then, just where they will put carpet, and the ceiling above that vinyl and carpet.

The roofers came and re-roofed moms house, porch, shed, and garage in a single day.
So basically - things are moving slowly forward.

I have my new washer and dryer - I donated all my non-HE detergent to a local womens shelter.  I had more than 10 gallons because I buy it on sale. They were glad to get it, and very nice.  Detergent was at the top of their want list, so it worked out.

And I turned another year older.

I took some before photos of where I am painting.  My mom liked to paint one wall dark - so that wall is always taking more paint.  Usually three coats, sometimes four.  I started painting the bathroom which was pink - the tub is that peach from the 1960's so not every color was good - but I am going to a medium gray.  I have three thin coats on now, and I am guessing it will take eight coats to cover.  But I like the gray.  I picked out the vinyl to match the tub, and then the wall color from another color in the vinyl. 
I keep telling myself that my mom painted all of these rooms, and she painted alone, I can do it too.  And that it is easier for me than her because she had all the furniture still in the rooms to deal with. 
I count how much I have done by the empty cans of paint. 4 so far.
It looks different - that is for sure.  It feels less like my mom's house now.