Saturday, November 30, 2013


Took a couple of weeks off - just needed a break.  The weather got colder, it lightly snowed.  I stayed home.  After the carpet was installed at moms, my friend and I decided to paint the bathroom walls like the living room walls but satin, not eggshell.  I have two coats of the more brown paint covering the gray paint.  A third coat will be enough.  Depending on the time of day - it still looks gray, and sometimes it looks brown.  It is just regular paint - I don't have a clue why depending on the lighting it changes sooo much.  Brown or gray works, but brown works better now that the flooring is in.
I tried the bathroom paint in the kitchen - and it works.  So the kitchen and the living room will be the same, but since one is eggshell, and the other is satin, the satin reads as darker.  Just a shade or two darker, but actually, I tried the living room paint in the kitchen, and it was wrong, but the satin version works.  I would not have believed that.  Paint is paint, and color is color, and I understand from a gloss to a flat would be different.  And I keep driving across town to get the paint mixed at the same store.  We taped off the third bedroom for painting.  I covered all the carpet with sheets of plastic that you would normally use to cover furniture while painting.  With just me, I don't seem to trip over it so far.  I replaced the baseboard registers to freshen things just a bit more, and I have replaced outlets and switches and the covers of outlets and switches.  We put up some curtains, mostly just valances in the rooms we are done painting. Bought some tile mortar mix to cover the kitchen bricks.  Trying to match what my mom did - or the results of what she did.  I put a layer on - it is like frosting the wall.  My friend put on a thin second coat - and it will need a third coat and paint yet. 
I have not been stitching - I am getting a random list of books listened to while working.  I love Bridget Jones, and wanted to hear her new book, and got that one done.  I loved Upstairs, Downstairs - and listened to two books by the woman that wrote for Upstairs, Downstairs.  Another was called Ghost Man by Roger Hobbs - not about Ghosts, but about robbery and a fixer type guy that you call when the robbery goes bad.  I had to look it up to see what they classify it - thriller / crime drama.  I listened to Jenny Lawsons' book - a blogger after my own heart.  She has crazy stories to tell, and listening to her directly was nicer than reading, and I started out by reading her book, and switched when the library had the audiobook version.  Stephen Kings book Joyland - I heard the NPR interview, so I thought I had the idea of the plot, but it was not what I thought.  Listened to Doctor Sleep, also by Stephen King - I liked The Shining - saw both movie and tv versions, then read the book finally, so Doctor Sleep was a must - and the audiobook kept me painting.  I read the book called Mrs Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill - I wanted to have it completed by Nov 22.  That was an incredibly interesting book.  Clint Hill was the agent that climbs onto the back of the car in the Zapruder film.  He was assigned to guard Mrs Kennedy.  I knew a little about Mrs Kennedy - and if you told me to read a book about Mrs Kennedy, I don't think it would have held my attention, but Clint Hills book certainly had my attention.  You are everywhere Jackie is.  You are in the hospital in Dallas.  You are with her because he is with her.  He doesn't tell things in a way that you feel he has violated her privacy.  He is a story teller that after the first story, you just want him to tell you the next story.  Right down to explaining what happened behind the scenes that made John Jr salute his father's casket - a photo and film that everyone has seen.  Amazing book and not what I expected.  He said he figured he would be stuck at tea partys and fashion shows, and as a reader, I wondered that too, because I would not find that interesting either.  Once you know him - you start to see that he is in every photo of events with her.  Mrs Kennedy is not what I expected - and he gives a great insiders view to her world and that period of history.  I am reading Jeanette Fulda's first book - another blogger.  Read a book about behind the scenes in Las Vegas.  I just read what ever sounds interesting at the time.  But I miss stitching.

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