Saturday, November 2, 2013

Still Painting

Still painting at my mom's house.  As I have said before, it is a 3 bedroom ranch house, that is 50 years old.
My parents were the first and only owners of the house.  I am done painting the living / dining / hallway.  Painted the front door and the outside railing.I have painted two bedrooms, and the bathroom, and have one bedroom to do yet, and the kitchen.  My mom had these fake bricks on the kitchen wall, and it has been interesting to try to figure out that.  My mom eventually mortared over the one wall, which left two other areas of bricks.  I tried putting joint compound between the bricks - it all cracked, so I spent another day chipping out all the cracked stuff between the fake bricks.  Which actually caused a neat effect, but still doesn't match anything else in the kitchen.  I painted the dining room ceiling, which meant I had to paint the kitchen ceiling, since it all is one area.  But when I paint the kitchen walls, they just looked gray.  So I tried a lighter paint, still gray.  Then I grabbed the ceiling white, and painted it on the walls.  It does not look white on the walls either.  It is just weird.  My mom had it painted peach?  It will be a challenge to make something work, when even bright ceiling white does not look white. 
I also have a second basement bath, and a storm shelter yet to paint.  I am bleaching the basement shower, it is painted cement block, and a functioning bathroom / shower, but not a pretty bathroom.
The carpet people come Monday to install the new bathroom vinyl, and the carpet in the living / dining / hallway.  I have painted the ceilings, and the closet in one bedroom.  My helping friend has stained the baseboards and woodwork to get rid of lots of nicks and scrapes and that has helped make it all seem fresh again.  The bedrooms are all hardwood floors, and have been covered up with rubber back carpet most of my life.  The floor were in great condition when we removed the carpet.  My parents never had tack strip around the edges, so it was like wall to wall rug, with some double stick tape to hold the doorway areas down.  I took a can of Pledge, and sprayed the floor and shuffled all around with a towel to wipe it all over, then with a second dry towel again shuffled around.  I am sure it will be crazy slick - but it will look great.

I pulled the upstairs toilet, and will just have a new one installed eventually.  I try to go there every day, for 4 - 6 hours.  I mow to keep the leaves chopped up.  I cleared the leaves off the top of the gutter guards before it rained.  There is always stuff to do.  And I still have a month of work to do.  At this point we are talking about waiting to list the house until spring now.  I don't want to have to go out to keep the driveway cleared all winter, nor do I want people with snow covered shoes walking on new carpet.  He tells me that people don't shop for houses during winter, but that was when I bought my house.  I know after all this time it will not really matter, but part of me knows for my own mental health, it will be best for me to get out from under owning two houses. It is a house for me that no matter what I do, will always contain memories for me.  They are not all good memories.  As a kid, I wanted to get away from that house as soon as I could.  I was buying towels and can openers and pots and pans before I could drive.  Stuff I would need for living on my own somewhere else.  And I knew since I was about 8 years old that I would be stuck clearing out that house on my own at some point.  I hoped that when that happened I would have a husband or my own kids to help me, but it did not work out that way.  It is just me.  And my friend that still comes to help me once a week.  It just never seems to end.  I think - How long can it really take me to paint a house?  Months - seems to be the answer.  Why does it take me that long?  Because I am trying to do a good job, and not paint it on too thick and lose the wall texture.  I was ready to just replace carpet.  Then told to paint.  Then the ceilings looked dirty, and the time to paint ceilings was before new carpet obviously.
And yet whoever buys the house, may just repaint it all anyway -
I don't know what the answer is, I just keep painting.  But it really seems like it is just never going to end.

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