Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stitching again finally

This is in the hoop now - I feel like I have unstitched more than stitched.  It is the Blackbird Designs.  Stitching it on Dove Gray 28 count jobelan, one over one.  Thought that the gray would work with so many whites and lights.  Like a gray sky evening... and it was the darker of the two grays I have in my stash.
Using the dmc threads except for the tree and a bit of the pine border and that is WDW Dried Thyme.  The color called for was too brown, not green.  There is a crescent moon in white, and lots of snow, but the whites do not show up, and I like the door - but yellow snow is not a good idea.  Will stitch the rest of the parts I do like and maybe then just move on to another pattern.  You can see from the whites in the roof stars that they are just too close in color to show.  I did stitch some areas in white just to really know - like the moon - and that is when the unstitching started.

And this is finished - Lauren's Voice.  I think this may have been my only stitching finish for the year.  Sort of sad to say that.  And I think that I only bought one new pattern this year.  One in, one out.  It only took a couple of nights to finish - I was never wild about the colors of the flowers, I suppose because I always love the fuchsia colored real flowers.
I am stitching with the intent just to enjoy stitching - not to frame what I stitch.  Just to use up what I have in my stash - finish up a few things that I have started.

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