Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Day Later

A day later, and it looks a lot more complete.  I have messed up three times so far.  All counting mistakes.  I am making slight changes here and there.  The worst part to stitch so far, was that cat, not a clue why.  Have used one skein of dmc floss so far, and am slightly into the second skein.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Slow Progress

Progress is slow.  I have only stitched a few nights.  I will mention that the pattern has this done in two colors to make the flowers or leaf design pop away from the letter outline.  I am just using the single color of floss by choice. 
I got hung up on shopping on-line.  It was fun, but... 
I AM trying to switch from shopping to using up from my stash, and I seem to have a foot in both sides.  I am using the end of the year as my ending spending date.  I restocked my house supplies.  I know the new year HAS to be a new attitude and plan.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Letter C

Here is what I started.  The Letter C from Gigi R. 
In dmc 815 - one over one - on the same fabric I stitched the letter L, also by Gigi R.
I haven't finished that yet either. 
C - C is for Charlie - the boy from my past.  There are as many letter C's in the pattern as I have feelings and confusion about things he said to me.  So in some ways it really is the perfect pattern to stitch because of that.  He has become an enigma, but I don't need a solution. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Time To Switch Projects...

I added a tiny bit more, but I had to try something new, so I started something else.  After three nights of stitching, I have used so little floss that there is no point to a photo.

I have spent much too much time online shopping.  I felt guilty, till Sunday when the prices shot back up.  Then there was much less guilt.  But as they say - the party is over.  I got one new pattern, and that was it. 

I am going to go back to - Use it up, Wear it out.  And I need to add, go back and finish a few of those projects that are not finished. 

I did do something interesting this year - I kept track of what I was spending monthly.  Not things like grocery or utilities or insurance.  But things I buy online, things I buy at the local store that is not food.  I kept track of gasoline - fast food - and haircuts - repairs.   Where does the money go?  Just to get a monthly total.  I learned there are really large swings in what I spend from month to month.  I had a month that I went to the movies a few times - I spent the least that month, even though I was actually out more, and I felt like I was spending more.  I didn't do it to the penny, but I wanted to see trends.  I will probably try to do it again - and see if I can get the numbers to be more even from month to month.  It is not exact, but when I spent 5 times what I spent the month before - there should be a reason.  And stuff like that happened, more than once. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

After 7 Floss

After 7 dmc floss.  I have been side tracked and not stitching as much.  I get to this point and then I always want to change projects and start something else, or something new.  I am trying to hang in there.  I added the year date - maybe that means I HAVE to finish it yet this year.  I still like to stitch it, I am just bored looking at it. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Randomly here and there

Still filling in here and there randomly.  Not quite done with the 7th floss. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

After 6 Floss

After 6 floss stitched.   Dmc floss.
Borders are done.  Filling in here and there.   

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Borders and more borders...

The borders are all the way around, and I just have to fill in the bottom missing section.  Again, the counts came out correct.  Really, always surprises me.  I am starting to make little changes, adding a fish tale, little things that most people would never notice, but makes me happier when I look at it closely.
I got my car back from the deer accident repairs.  I went to go see Gone Girl, the movie.  The movie stays pretty true to the book, but the book is better just because the book gives more insights into the characters.  The actors all did a good job, the author wrote the screenplay too.  I have also finished 3 more audiobooks.
And I got another year older.
Also got to see a flatbed tow truck, it had no car on the bed - it was at a mart type gas station, and the guys parked it pointed towards the road for easier leaving and because it was certainly bigger than a regular parking spot, and started walking inside, and were almost to the door, and the truck started to leave without them and without a driver.  The driver took off running to catch it and jump back inside - and the light had just turned green so there was traffic coming up to join it so it was a bit of a race to see how far the truck would get, and it was off into the grass and jumping curbs.  I had just finished watching the movie - this was way more action than the movie had...  It all ended up fine - the guy caught it and jumped back inside, because it was going forwards and uphill, before going downhill, it was heading away from the pumps and store and glass and people.  I was across the street and watching it all waiting for my light to turn green.  But it has been a long time since I saw a truck drive away, and I don't think he just didn't have it in gear, it was in gear, and leaving.  Reminded me not to park in front of, or directly behind anything that will be big enough to crush my car.  I thought it might skip 4 lanes of traffic, and cross a Target parking lot, but I figured the only thing big enough to really stop it, was the Target building itself, and even then, it was heading towards the entrance door and glass.    It was a Bruce Willis movie - I was still concerned it was the time of day to hit a deer again, and then I noticed a flatbed tow truck driving away and into traffic without drivers.... suddenly hitting a deer was a much better option.  That truck would not have been like being hit by a semi, but it was big enough to win most the battles, and certainly big enough to kill people in other cars.  This is like 7 pm on a Friday night. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

After 5 floss

After 5 skeins of dmc floss.  This should take 10 or 11 floss, so this might be halfway.  Across the top is completed. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Top Corner

The top corner all matched up.  Started stitching from the middle of the side to the top, so anything at all could have happened when I finally got to where everything all had to meet.  I finally have dimension measurements - on 28 count from side to side is 12 inches, and from top to bottom is 14.5 inches.  Not stretched, not ironed.
Finished listening to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I understand why they said women just pass the book onto their friends and tell them to read it.  It is a good story, and not the usually story.  No spoilers here.  I thought a couple sections were slow, like they would never tie up the plotlines, but some of the words the author chooses are exact, and so well put together that they are like beautiful music, not for the sentiment, but because of the choice of words.  There were a few moments of what I might call graphic language, but it is not continual, and it probably makes the point of the character saying it in the moment.  It only happens twice.  The audiobook version was long, but VERY well done, and is read by a man and also a woman,  It was a good book to stitch to while listening along.  But it IS long.  And I will go see the movie - honestly, my car is in the shop for a few days having the deer hit damage repaired, repainted, and fixed.  But if I had access to a car, I would have finished that book and gone directly to watch the movie at the theater.  I am very curious to see how the movie version turned out.  I can't imagine that they could do the book justice.  Which is a really nice thing to say about a book. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

After 4 floss

This is after 4 dmc floss skeins. 
Thanks for saying that you can see progress.  Sometimes it is hard to tell.  I am not taking fancy photos, just enough to show and cut up more floss and get it right back into the hoop. 
I have been listening to the audiobook of Gone Girl.  I have been trying finish it, but it is really long.  So my excuse is to just keep stitching till the end.  Was hoping to finish the book and then see the movie tomorrow, but the book won't be done yet. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Little Here and There

A little here and a little there.  After a couple more days of stitching.  I am not convinced it is making a big dent,  I listened to an entire audiobook, for a change from watching tv and dvds.  As long as I can see progress I just keep adding a little here, and a little there.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Three Floss Done

This is a far as three dmc floss got me.  Long way to go.
I was just happy that a few borders lined up with the boat stitching.  I am not quite the entire width  yet, but very close.  And the boat is end to end now.  Just the small detail of filling in the middle parts.  I started timing how long it took me to stitch a thread.  I had no clue - after timing a few it was taking me way longer than I expected.  I thought it might be 5 or 10 minutes, and it was more like 20 or 25 minutes.  After stitching for years I must have timed my stitching before.  I have no clue why it is taking me so long when the stitches are in a small area.  I used to figure that a thread finished an area about the size of a dime, but I would not say that is true now either.  Not a clue why.  I would just like to see the frame of the boat.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mind Numbing...

Mind numbing...  all those little sections of 3 stitches that at off set into 6 stitches, but not ALL the time...  and then shifted slightly...all on the boat section.  It took me a moment to figure out why the pattern shifts - but if you think of the water being reflective, it would reflect the boat like that.  Pretty neat. 
And the borders... even though there are three different borders...the repeats just feel never ending as you are trying to finish a border. 
That being said - I DO like stitching this pattern.  I can move to a different area, and I do.  I have not wanted to change to a different stitching project.  I am still on the third dmc floss at this point.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nearly the Width

Nearly the width across the top. 
I am supposed to have 31 across the top of those 'S' things, and I have 30.  I would rather be short than too many, so I did it one short.  I counted the number from the cover photo, not from the pattern.  If there is an extra stitch, I am messed up at this point, but don't know it yet.
This is slightly past the second full skein of dmc floss. 
I got the appointment set up to repair my car.  I have a zero deductible.  They are going to replace the hood, the bumper cover, the grill, the headlight.  It was $2360.  The headlight alone was $294 to replace.  They are sealed from moister by elves in the shire, or using the sticky glue made from unicorn horns, so you can't just replace the plastic headlight cover.  There is a crease and two dents on the hood.  Rather then take out the dents, it is cheaper to replace the whole hood.  And the bumper cover has a slight crack where the cover attaches to the car.  It is all overkill.  But I do keep cars for years.  It is 6 years old, it has 40,000 miles.
My feeling was that the woman that was brave enough to come up to my car to check on me and helped me after to find the dead deer, and was willing to be a witness for the insurance if I needed that should get something nice from me.  She could have just gone back inside her house.  I did not know she was there till she came up to my car while I was parked on the highway shoulder.  So I bought her two dozen red roses.  I had her home number and I called to ask if I could drop something off because she had been so nice to me.  I said it is something small, so do not get your hopes up too high.  She understood who I was on the phone, rather than me just showing up at her door near dark, it seemed smart to call ahead.  She invited me in, which was not part of my plan.  But I went in.  I met her husband.  We all talked for quite a while.  It turns out I had met her long ago.  She worked with the woman that was my best friend years ago.  So we had people in common.  I was only where my friend worked a couple of times so I would have been introduced just in passing. 
Then she said something about thanking me for doing this for her. 
And I am weird.  I know this.  I will talk to people or do something slightly odd.  I could explain it, but it would sound crazy.  I did not expect to ever see this woman after I drove off.  I am sure she did not expect to see me again.  And yet that day seemed like the day to get her flowers or a gift card. 
So she started to tell me her story and that by bringing her flowers I had restored her faith in other people.  Where she lives is a busy highway at the edge of town.  She recently had a car stop at her house claiming they were out of gas and had gotten just as far as her driveway.  She had two gallons of gasoline.  She gave it to them.  They did not pay her for it.  They did not come back later and pay her for it.  She told me that they were drunk, and she had not called the cops but she certainly could have.  Probably should have.  And they were not kids, they were older, and should have known better.  I said I understood.  On the other hand, she felt she had done nothing to help me.  She had come to the road to see if I was okay, and to see if there was still a deer in / on the road.  It needed to be moved before somebody else hit it if that was the case.  Getting someone to butcher the dead deer kept it from rotting in the ditch across the street and her having to smell that process.  She had done nothing for me, and yet I am the one that shows up 5 days later with 2 dozen roses, and saying I appreciated that she had been nice to me. 
I can understand that.
She has had a difficult year.  She normally has flowers planted but was too busy to plant them with her husband having surgery, and several other things just keeping her too busy.  So flowers were appreciated.
Talking to them was nice. 
She told me that I was welcome to come back to visit.  I said I know I am weird and asking odd questions, and that I should really be taken only in small dosages.  But it had been very nice to talk to her, and meet her, and that I did appreciate her. 
And I had been to a utility annual meeting that afternoon, they give you lunch and have door prizes and money off your bill.  I won one of thirty chances and got $25 off the bill.  So buying her flowers and spending $26 I look at as just shifting the money to something else.  She and I both learned from meeting each other.  And it all happens because I am just odd enough to bring flowers to her, and to come in when I expected to just go home. 
But that all sounds weird.  I understand that.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Top to bottom

From the top to the bottom.  I am just happy that it fits. I am always happy when they fit.  I expected it to be slightly over 15 inches, but it measures 14.5 or 14.75 stretched.  I am still on the second skein of dmc at this point. 
I have spent many hours stitching this past week.  Stitching is not what I should be doing.  That is really nothing new.  I have tried to change a few things to see if that changes my attitude - it didn't.  I fired the realtor two weeks ago, he was the boy that I knew in school.  I did not fire him because he is a bad realtor but because he frustrates me.  I told him that I KNOW he is a lesson in frustration for me.  And he then says he has no clue why I would feel that way.
And to top of my week, I hit a deer with my car.  I have never hit a deer, and I have certainly been close a few times.  But I was not hurt, and the car has VERY little damage.  If you have to hit a deer, this was the deer to have to hit.  I had witnesses, and the lady was nice enough to give me her name and number.  She saw me hit it.  It was a yearling - just barely had lost it's fawn spots.  The lady said she saw the mother doe and two fawns and I got the older fawn, and the smaller went went with mom.  I think hitting a dog would have done more damage.  I would have felt worse if I had hit the mother, and orphaned the fawns.  Another car sliding into me on winter ice would have done more damage.  I am not whining about hitting this deer.  I was able to drive away.  It broke the headlight plastic, but the headlight still works just fine.  It dented the hood near the light, but not awful.  The lady walked the ditch with me to find the deer.  I was able to take a cell phone photo of the dead deer.  She asked me if I wanted it, and I said no, but if she knew somebody that would, I was fine with her calling them to take it.  The guy was her neighbor, and he came and took it.  I asked if it was really big enough to make it worth butchering - he seemed to think so because the hit seemed to be to the head.  There would have been more meat on a german shepard dog.  Honestly, small deer.  But if you have to hit a deer, a small deer is better.  I saw what I thought was the mother directly in front of me as the driver - I had time to know I have to hit her, and not swerve to the ditch - but there wasn't time to hit brakes.  But I hit a smaller deer, so it doesn't really make sense.  It is like somebody switched deer at the last moment.  I saw the doe in front of the car - but that was not the deer I saw dead in the ditch.  I can't explain that at all, and I know it makes no sense.  And the deer did not hit on the drivers side, but on the passenger side.  It just doesn't make sense in my head.  It was almost dusk - I was sober, I was not on a cell phone - I was just at the edge of town - so 50 miles per hour.  Like I said - I am not whining about it.  I KNOW it could have been many times worse.  It I got to more than half of my driving career before hitting a deer where I live - that is sort of amazing.  I called the guys to talk to them.  One has never hit a deer.  One had.  And the third guy I asked - realtor boy from my past above.... he said he came upon somebody else hitting a deer, and instead of turning around - he stopped and backed up - and he said he backed up pretty fast, and suddenly he heard something hit. and he thought maybe one of the people had gotten out of the other vehicle - and he had hit them - but it was actually a second deer, and he hit it while backing up.  He said nobody in insurance had ever heard about a filing a claim for hitting a deer while backing up.  But it is a funny story. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

One more night of stitching

And after another night of stitching.  Am working my way up the side to make sure I have enough material.  Better to know now then after 12 pages of stitching.  I have never ran out of material - but that could still happen.  I am just a few stitches into that top right corner page.  There are a few changes I would like to make so I am skipping those areas at the moment to establish the borders around those items.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just a day later

Just a day later, and finally thru that first skein of floss.  Got over 1.5 pages done from the skein of dmc.  I have the height and width established for the page above the bottom corner page.  16 pages total so this is not really a large dent yet to be only into 3 pages so far.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stitching the night away

Done with the first page other than a little on the bottom border.  I am still not quite done with the first skein of dmc, which maybe says less than one skein per page.  I am still within the hoop, but not for much longer.  It was a productive night of stitching to go from the last photo to this one in 48 hours.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A little more...

Still not stitching as much as I could but it is a nice stitch.  I can see that at any point I could goof up again.  That bottom border is lovely, but I don't have the pattern in my head yet, so it stitches slowly.  Having fun stitching it, still on my first skein of DMC.  This photo does reflect the actual colors better than the last photo.  I just need to get past the first page, and through that first skein of DMC.

Friday, September 12, 2014


This is my restart of the Big Red Ship of Life from Ink Circles.

I am changing colors from the black on grey to a chocolate brown floss on a tannish white.
It sure does not look that way in the photo, but I am.
Dmc 938 on 28 count China Pearl Jobelan.  one over one. 
I chose this because I did Do Bears from Long Dog Samplers in the same combination to also get a more masculine feeling. 
I also realized that before, I not only had enough mistakes in counting that I needed to start over, but tonight I realized that I also probably had the long side of the piece of fabric going the wrong direction.  So not good.  I would have had enough border but again, it was just a huge mistake.  Last time I started in the middle.  This time I am starting in the lower right hand corner.  Hope it goes better this time around.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Tonight I have realized I have mis-counted and it was far enough back that I might as well start over.  I mis-counted just above the dog  or fox putting that leafy thing two stitched to the right.  And also I am off on the counts up and down.  I am also off on the thing above the flag.  Messed up.  If you mess up before you are done with the first skein of floss, and before you have the first of 16 pages even done, maybe it is just a chance to start over.  It has been a long time since I messed up so bad that I wanted to just start over.  Well, maybe it wasn't all that long ago.... I don't remember for sure.
Watched Austenland tonight.  I am still not quite past my Pride and Prejudice phase.  Cute movie.  I had wanted to read the book since I saw it at the library.  I think I even have it on audiobook.  But watching the dvd took much less time.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Started Ink Circles - Big Red Ship of Life.

I guess mine will not be a big RED ship of life. 
Maybe I can rename mine "The Big Black Ship of Death"...
Started it with dmc black on 28 count Dove Gray jobelan.  One strand over one thread.  It is in a 7 inch hoop.  This is still the first page of 16 pages, It is the width of one page and slightly into the page above.  I started in the middle.  I changed the men's eyes, they looked a little too alien, and I trimmed back that fox slightly on the head and tail.  I messed up a little, I just filled it in with something to make it not noticeable.  I was looking for a more masculine feel than red.  This may not be ideal colors, but so far it IS an interesting stitch.  And I am using up my stash.  It should finish at 12.3 inches by 15 inches. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The tree with the squirrel...

The tree is coming along quicker than I thought it might.  And the squirrel..., the squirrel is huge.  I considered changing it but everybody has heard of the huge squirrel in the Garden of Eden.  And if you change the squirrel, you have to do something about all the acorns.  So the squirrel stayed.  It really would have been something I would normally change. 
I have been watching - What About Brian, on dvd.  It has been long enough since I saw it that I have forgotten most of it.
I got the next cross stitch pattern in the mail.  I have not decided yet about color, or I might have already started it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Little things of summer...

Some sections are actually done.  Others are not.  That tree that I have started at the bottom is going to take a while.  I have the Adam and Eve with the tree section yet to go. 
I ordered the Big Red Ship Of Life pattern by Ink Circles.   Just could not resist.  I am trying to decide whether to stitch it in red or black.  She is guessing 95 yards of floss, single strand, which would be 14 skeins of dmc.  I've done the math, and to stitch it on 28 count over one, it is 12.32 inches x 15.03 inches. Stitch count is 345 x 421.   I figured a 16 x 20 frame would fit nicely.  I am just waiting for it to show up in the mailbox.
It has been hot, and I don't have air conditioning in the house, but actually, I got more done in the last couple of days than I have most of the summer.  Not enough to actually show, but for me, any progress is good. 
I thought that the sweet corn season was finished.  There is a guy that sells sweet corn near my house, but he is from the same country road as my mom's house.  I tell people that he sells the crack cocaine of sweet corn.  He gives you 14 ears, sometimes more, in his dozen, and I live off of it - I buy real butter - I don't have to salt it.  I can make the dozen last for 2 days, and I am back for more.   You have to eat it fresh, after 2 days, it tastes like every other sellers corn, but his is picked daily, and really fresh.  I crave it.  I can ignore chocolate - but not corn from that guy.  I think - I should be able to skip a few days, then I crave it - it really is just like a junkie for me, and he is my favorite dealer.  I have told him that, and he just laughs.  So I eat my fill while he is around.  And when I don't see him on the usual corner, I panic a little, just like any junkie with a habit would.  Today I gathered quarters to pay him - just like any junkie would.  And I came home and boiled water and cooked it up, just like any junkie would.  I did go for several days because I did think he was done selling - then he was back when I drove - so I am back buying it.  A summer sweet corn addiction is something that could be much worse.  My friend knows if you buy 4 dozen, he will give you the fifth dozen free...  She freezes it.  I considered that - but it would just  last me the week or so after he was done selling, and I would have eaten my frozen stash.  And it would be work to freeze it, so I binge with a smile, knowing when summer ends, so will the sweet corn. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Starting to look like something...

It is starting to look like a pattern rather than a few random stitches and nothing completed.  Still not stitching every night.
Last night was the anniversary of my mom dying.  It has been three years now.  I am still not done with the house.  It is silly that I am not.  I need to get away from that house.  The motivation is just not there.  And I am accountable to nobody.  So time just slips by...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stitching continues...

Stitching continues slowly.  I love the way that the floss is mottling.  Like in the blue area of the cloud.  I was a little worried when I saw the light gray on the ends of the clouds.  I thought it might be too close to the material color and not show, but it seems fine.
A new Hobby Lobby opened here, I had to go out of town before, so I stocked up on a couple of floss colors because it was all new, it was all the same dye lots.  Worth paying a few pennies more, and nice to be able to get 12 red or 40 black - 40 seemed reasonable.  I didn't buy ALL the black floss.
The exciting part of my day was mowing at my moms, on a small riding mower.  I have been picking up dead sticks to burn and tossing them on a plastic tarp about the size of a queen flat sheet.  I thought there was room to go between the barrel and the tarp, without catching the tarp.  I was wrong.  It sucked that tarp up under the mower just a quick as a vacuum cleaner will suck a shoelace and then try to eat the shoe.  It seemed more exciting when the mower did it.  It stopped the mower immediately.  I had to go find one of the guys I used to work with and bring him out to my mom's house and one of us lifted the front end of the mower and the other one used scissors to cut the tarp away from the mower blade and shaft.  It wasn't hard, it just showed I was too lazy to move the tarp a couple of feet.  Luckily I have men friends that will help me when I screw up.  The mower seemed to work fine and started like a champ once the tarp was out.  It was just enough excitement for me, and I was just glad everything seemed to still work.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Something different

Just had to start something different.  I still have not finished the band sampler yet, but the idea of floss with color and not all black was enough to get me to start this.
I have watched other stitchers stitch - And They Sinned.  I finally bought the pattern and the floss kit.  As usual, I wanted to avoid framing something long and narrow.  I thought I could change the pattern and instead of one long design, section it into three patterns.  So that is what I am trying.  Since the top third had the fewest things I wanted to change, that is where I am starting.  The floss colors are just lovely.
I am stitching it one over one, on 28 count gray jobelan.  I know sometimes one or more of the floss colors called out will disappear into the material, but I think gray will be just fine. 
I will try to grab the band sampler some night and finish the last row.  I am not stitching all that much, and still trying to work on my moms house.  I am trying to get the yard done, and then will finish inside. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Finally an update photo

Finally a photo update.  Click on the photo for a better view. 
I am filling in the triangles that I skipped with my own design, and without a plan.  I have to measure and figure frame sizes before knowing if I will add more rows.
I am STILL not done at my mother's house.  I have not had a productive attitude to do anything other than mow there.  But I do mow there twice a week, since she has a rider mower.  I am trying to turn that around, yet again, starting today.  I did get the brush piles burned from last year, and now there is more to cut and burn this year.  I did get the third bedroom painted.  A gallon painted the bedroom two coats with a cup leftover for touch up.  Other than that, it is all the same.
I got a new scale to try to lose some weight.  Things just have to change.  At this point, the numbers are horrible, about 6 pounds from my highest weight ever.  So I am just looking for the numbers to start a trend downward.  My paperwork is semi caught up, compared to being way off and not having a clue about numbers I needed to keep track of since my mother died.  Papers have been strung out on the kitchen table for months.  I got half of it filed and stopped once I got the numbers updated.  A trend that needs to also stop, I never seem to finish anything.  I am starting to have a house that resembles a hoarders episode.  Piles of crap everywhere, stuff that was my parents that I still need to sort.  And you learn to ignore it after a while, and especially if you live alone.  So I am going to work at that too.  So I have no clue how much stitching will be worked on.  If whatever I try doesn't work, I will try something else.    

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dimples - Legends of the Silver Screen series information

Here is information about the Legends of the Silver Screen series from Dimples designer Terrence Nolan.  Now the actors names NEVER appear on the patterns - but I met and talked with Mr. Nolan at a cross stitch show and at that time we talked about the patterns.  Since the actor's names don't appear anywhere else on the internet information - possibly for legal reasons - but since I have also seen the question before - I have listed what I know.  There were only six patterns offered in the series.  They are as follows.  There were copyright 1996 and 1998 and are probably out of print.  I have no connection to the designer. 

Legends #1 - Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis
Appeared together in Some Like It Hot
Stitch Counts are 139 x 49

Legends #2 - John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara
Appeared together in The Quiet Man and Big Jake and McLintock 
Stitch Counts are 138 x 46

 Legends #3 - Natalie Wood and James Dean
Appeared together in Rebel Without A Cause
Stitch Counts are 138 x 46

 Legends #4 - Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez
Appeared together in The Long Long Trailer and obviously the television show.
Stitch counts are 139 x 49

 Legends #5 - Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret
Appeared together in Viva Las Vegas 
Stitch counts are 139 x 49

Legends #6 - Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh 
Appeared together in Gone With The Wind...
Stitch counts are 139 x 49

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Still Adding Rows

Still working at it and adding rows.  Still all from the pattern at this point, it is all just mixed up and widened. 
I did go to my moms to burn old papers.  I accidentally set some dried leaves on fire.  About the size of a dinner plate at the base of the burn barrel.  It was at the platter size while I tried to think if I could just stomp at it or not.  But the flames were coming out of the top of the barrel, so I was stomping at a weird angle - with my leg stretched out.  Which put me off balance so I ended up with me on the ground kicking out the final flames.  Taking off my shoe would have been easier at that point and just hitting the flames out.  Then when I got home I noticed the ends of my hair were singed.  We all know the smell of burning hair - I never smelled that - but my theory is that landing on my behind kept the barrel flames from burning my hair more.  About an hour before I'd gotten a haircut - so it was already short enough.  I should probably add that - mom's house has no well pressure at the moment - therefore no water.  And the cell phone was not on me - but in the car. It was one of those moments that you are glad nobody else is videotaping you.  In the past - any small twig that has fallen outside of the barrel has just burnout out - not lit something else.  It was enough excitement for the day.  My friend had just told me earlier that he was burning brush, and the wind kicked up and it had gotten exciting for him as it was burning way faster than he intended.  And that his wife's work crew had burnt weeds and it had gotten away from them that same day and taken three fire crews and 16 acres were burned before they got it stopped.  My small fire was nothing compared to that.  But it was enough for the day - and I just wanted to be home stitching on the sofa.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Filling In and Adding On

I can actually say some rows are done at this point.  Click on the photo for a clearer view.  I added another row to the top.  Have spent most of the week stitching and doing nothing else.  That will have to change this week, no more excuses.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Lots of Stitches

Still filling in the rows, but I am very happy with the progress.  Again, clicking on the photo will give you a clearer photo.  Into the 6th floss at this point
I finished watching all 325 episodes of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.  It was a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.  It got better again... most of the plot lines did have endings including Mary's.  I was waiting for Sgt. Foley to show up again, and once he was back, so was the romance.  Sappy romance, but it was still fun.  Nothing like watching sappy romance to make you miss romance in real life.  It was worth the $100 for me, I had wanted to watch it for years.  I don't think it would have been worth the normal $175 price for me, I have a $100 limit for non-guilty pleasures in my life.  
The snow is melted enough that I need to start painting at my moms house again.  My hours are backwards since I have been stitching all night.  I am not a morning person, getting me back to a slightly more normal world schedule is always a challenge.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stitching the nights away

 Above was yesterday afternoon...
Above is after a night of stitching till the sun came up.
Filling in the left side.  The empty triangle areas will have something different - not sure what yet.  Over 4 dmc packages used so far.  Started with 12.  Clicking on the photos will give you a clearer image.
Still watching Mary Hartman.  Up to episode 262 out of 325.  It got pretty good there for a while.  Then it dropped off into being bad - I am up to starting the Bigfoot plotline - yes, Bigfoot.  I know that the Sgt Foley character comes back at some point - and I am waiting for that.  The only thing keeping me going has been watching Dennis Burkley playing Mac Slatterly.  I was sorry to learn that he passed away last summer.  I enjoy watching him - he is a cutie - and he has been in many other shows and movies.  Most web sites imply he was in Mary Hartman very little, which is not true.  So watching him has been a pleasure even with some bad story lines.
Posting a single day of stitching progress makes no sense - and you can look to the past post to see what the difference was over the week.  Sometime stitching feels like we have made no progress in just a single night of stitching - so I wanted a few blog entries to show that a single day can show change.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spending time with Mary...

Above is the photo from before last night, and below is the way it is today.
So the left side is established, and after last night the width is established.
It would have come out about 6 -6.5 inches following the pattern, and I added repeats in the band so I am now at 11 inches wide.  I am at 10 inches high so far - but I have lots of room to expand upward.  I skipped the alphabet bands just because widening those meant more work and redesign.  The back stitching lines will also be skipped, at one strand over one thread on 28 count, it loses detail.  There is a little of that in the goose on the second row in the wing that will stay.  Because I am just adding to the pattern to make things wider - it is never going to come out right on the ends.  So I am just stitching caps rather than having partial blocks  - like the bottom row.  I am trying to really look at it as a sampler of bands in the truest sense of the word.
Stitching lots of hours and enjoying it.  I bought Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, the complete series.  I remember watching it with my mom as a kid - and I know we did not watch it till the end, but I have no clue when we stopped watching.  I am halfway through now - 18 dvds so far.  There are 325 episodes on 36 dvds.  Amazon had it for $100 as a special for a week.  I had the first 25 episodes on dvd when they came out - and had nearly given up on anybody ever putting the whole series out.  And I went into watching it remembering that it was a send up of soap operas, and that it was really awful at points, which was part of what made it funny.  But actually, it was pretty good.  Some of the lines are great.  The woman that can't cook brings a jello to some party and hands it off saying it is a new recipe - jello with Cracker Jacks in it....and she just keeps walking...
Which is really funny.  And I fell for Sgt Foley, just like Mary did...  ahh romance.....  so it has been fun to still have a little winter left and to be trapped inside having an excuse to watch it and stitch away.  There are show clips on YouTube - and even clips of Carol Burnett doing her spin as Mary Mary Quite Contrary...  She comes out from under the kitchen sink - and in the show - Mary Hartman does actually crawl into the cabinet under the kitchen sink in an episode.  So I will be spending more time with Mary and stitching away.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Filling in the right side...

 Above is the belated photo from the second hoop moving... was just stitching from the center to left side pages.
And this was as of early last night filling in the right hand side pages.  I am stitching for hours each evening - from dark till 3 am or 5 am sometimes.  Then sleep till noon and wait till dark to start stitching again.  Not sure how wide yet, but stitching the middle will keep me busy before I have to decide. 
Went to check on my mom's house with a friend.  He had not seen it since the auction.  I fell twice in the snow - even with him trying to stomp down the snow for me to step and not fall.  It was about thigh deep by the road from the plows pushing snow back into the ditches and driveway.  And when you fall, there is really nothing to push against to get back up again.  The snow just gives way all the way up to your shoulder and you can't touch the bottom.  If I had been alone - I would have been in serious trouble.  And once inside - I wanted to add water to the drains - except turning on the water resulted in NO WATER.  So the guy was expecting a busted pipe - but everything was dry - so I am not sure what is going on - and I will not even bother to try to figure it out till the snow melts.
But I am not worried - and I have been thinking all winter that if a pipe busted it would have run for months - so at least my worst fear was not true.  The winters were good in years I needed them to be good, while my mom had twice daily hospital visits for wound care - and so I will not complain if this year it keeps snowing till May.  But agreeing that is has been a long winter - is not complaining.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And it is still Winter...

Not stitching nightly yet.    Also have not had to move the hoop yet.  The football day stitching sale got to me, and I ordered stuff.  Everybody has that pattern you both love and hate - but you keep going back to look at it over and over again.  And you love to see somebody else stitching it.  I could always say it was too expensive and not buy it before - but at 25% off and free shipping - I can stop thinking - should I buy it or not.  It is mine now.  And I bought fancy thread to go with it.  And I already know that I want to change it from one long design into three smaller designs. 
But I started this - and this will be what I am stitching for a while.  Although I am wondering how much floss this will take - I am almost through the first package of floss, and this is not even a dent or halfway across the row. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Stitching along quietly

Found something that I like stitching - finally.  I am trying to just enjoy stitching it.  It has lots of lines back-stitched into it - not sure what I will do or not do - I need a bigger area finished to decide that.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trying new things is the trend

 Seems I can't decide on what to stitch - I started the above, which is a Blackbird Designs pattern...
But I wanted that flower border on 4 sides, not just one - and then stitching it on lambswool color the white border did not show - so kept trying different whites-  it just was not pretty or fun - life is too short - pull out something different.....
So I started the Long Dog -  4 Pot Dickie pattern.  Stitching on 28 count it would be 7 by 24 - so I am splitting it in half - and widening it - but I don't have a plan more than that.  So this is the middle - which will be the bottom.  And at least I was enjoying stitching it, even if I am not sure exactly where I will end up.  My goal is mostly to be able to frame it in a standard size frame.  The bigger goal is to enjoy stitching even if it does not result in a finished design.  I started with a big enough cut of material, that lots of things are possible.  I am still using from my stash - so starting something new costs me nothing at this point.
I am always trying some abstract things in my regular life.  I would not call myself adventurous.  And most things turn out okay for me.  I dye my hair, and wanted a slightly darker brown - than the light brown I usually use - it came out as black as the DMC 310.  Then I read on the website that lots of women have been surprised by much darker hair using their products lately.  But who would read the website before buying a product they have bought before.  So I am feeling a bit like those teenage girls that buy black hair dye - and it looks really wrong - except I bought dark brown, and got the same result.  It is winter here - I don't have to see people - I can wear a hat - it is slightly funny - and spring will be starting about the time I can re-dye my hair again.  But it WAS a surprise. I keep telling myself it could have been green or orange...  but at least it was harmless.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A stitch here and there

 I am filling in the windows - a detail that will never really show -
And I am done with the elephant - I am really enjoying this one - time to dig out the alphabet stitching books.
And I figured out that I can't post photos if I log in to blogger using Firefox, but I can if I use Chrome. Sometimes I really hate computers.  But the whole day has gone that way with little things making me waste hours and going Grrrrrrrr........  They said on the news that Netflix had the directors audio commentaries for House of Cards - not if you have Roku - not if you are going thru Kindle or Nook - but it does work thru the computer - using the Firefox browser - little crap that just makes me slightly frustrated that it does not work like I expect it to work.  Once in a while when that happens is fine - several times in a single day - makes my head hurt.