Friday, January 31, 2014

Stitching along quietly

Found something that I like stitching - finally.  I am trying to just enjoy stitching it.  It has lots of lines back-stitched into it - not sure what I will do or not do - I need a bigger area finished to decide that.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trying new things is the trend

 Seems I can't decide on what to stitch - I started the above, which is a Blackbird Designs pattern...
But I wanted that flower border on 4 sides, not just one - and then stitching it on lambswool color the white border did not show - so kept trying different whites-  it just was not pretty or fun - life is too short - pull out something different.....
So I started the Long Dog -  4 Pot Dickie pattern.  Stitching on 28 count it would be 7 by 24 - so I am splitting it in half - and widening it - but I don't have a plan more than that.  So this is the middle - which will be the bottom.  And at least I was enjoying stitching it, even if I am not sure exactly where I will end up.  My goal is mostly to be able to frame it in a standard size frame.  The bigger goal is to enjoy stitching even if it does not result in a finished design.  I started with a big enough cut of material, that lots of things are possible.  I am still using from my stash - so starting something new costs me nothing at this point.
I am always trying some abstract things in my regular life.  I would not call myself adventurous.  And most things turn out okay for me.  I dye my hair, and wanted a slightly darker brown - than the light brown I usually use - it came out as black as the DMC 310.  Then I read on the website that lots of women have been surprised by much darker hair using their products lately.  But who would read the website before buying a product they have bought before.  So I am feeling a bit like those teenage girls that buy black hair dye - and it looks really wrong - except I bought dark brown, and got the same result.  It is winter here - I don't have to see people - I can wear a hat - it is slightly funny - and spring will be starting about the time I can re-dye my hair again.  But it WAS a surprise. I keep telling myself it could have been green or orange...  but at least it was harmless.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A stitch here and there

 I am filling in the windows - a detail that will never really show -
And I am done with the elephant - I am really enjoying this one - time to dig out the alphabet stitching books.
And I figured out that I can't post photos if I log in to blogger using Firefox, but I can if I use Chrome. Sometimes I really hate computers.  But the whole day has gone that way with little things making me waste hours and going Grrrrrrrr........  They said on the news that Netflix had the directors audio commentaries for House of Cards - not if you have Roku - not if you are going thru Kindle or Nook - but it does work thru the computer - using the Firefox browser - little crap that just makes me slightly frustrated that it does not work like I expect it to work.  Once in a while when that happens is fine - several times in a single day - makes my head hurt.