Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A stitch here and there

 I am filling in the windows - a detail that will never really show -
And I am done with the elephant - I am really enjoying this one - time to dig out the alphabet stitching books.
And I figured out that I can't post photos if I log in to blogger using Firefox, but I can if I use Chrome. Sometimes I really hate computers.  But the whole day has gone that way with little things making me waste hours and going Grrrrrrrr........  They said on the news that Netflix had the directors audio commentaries for House of Cards - not if you have Roku - not if you are going thru Kindle or Nook - but it does work thru the computer - using the Firefox browser - little crap that just makes me slightly frustrated that it does not work like I expect it to work.  Once in a while when that happens is fine - several times in a single day - makes my head hurt.

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