Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And it is still Winter...

Not stitching nightly yet.    Also have not had to move the hoop yet.  The football day stitching sale got to me, and I ordered stuff.  Everybody has that pattern you both love and hate - but you keep going back to look at it over and over again.  And you love to see somebody else stitching it.  I could always say it was too expensive and not buy it before - but at 25% off and free shipping - I can stop thinking - should I buy it or not.  It is mine now.  And I bought fancy thread to go with it.  And I already know that I want to change it from one long design into three smaller designs. 
But I started this - and this will be what I am stitching for a while.  Although I am wondering how much floss this will take - I am almost through the first package of floss, and this is not even a dent or halfway across the row. 

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MarchAnn said...

Your Pot 4 Dickie is looking good. are you doing it over 1 on 28? I choose to do mine on 40 count linen over tow and I love working on it. Keep up the good work.