Monday, March 3, 2014

Spending time with Mary...

Above is the photo from before last night, and below is the way it is today.
So the left side is established, and after last night the width is established.
It would have come out about 6 -6.5 inches following the pattern, and I added repeats in the band so I am now at 11 inches wide.  I am at 10 inches high so far - but I have lots of room to expand upward.  I skipped the alphabet bands just because widening those meant more work and redesign.  The back stitching lines will also be skipped, at one strand over one thread on 28 count, it loses detail.  There is a little of that in the goose on the second row in the wing that will stay.  Because I am just adding to the pattern to make things wider - it is never going to come out right on the ends.  So I am just stitching caps rather than having partial blocks  - like the bottom row.  I am trying to really look at it as a sampler of bands in the truest sense of the word.
Stitching lots of hours and enjoying it.  I bought Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, the complete series.  I remember watching it with my mom as a kid - and I know we did not watch it till the end, but I have no clue when we stopped watching.  I am halfway through now - 18 dvds so far.  There are 325 episodes on 36 dvds.  Amazon had it for $100 as a special for a week.  I had the first 25 episodes on dvd when they came out - and had nearly given up on anybody ever putting the whole series out.  And I went into watching it remembering that it was a send up of soap operas, and that it was really awful at points, which was part of what made it funny.  But actually, it was pretty good.  Some of the lines are great.  The woman that can't cook brings a jello to some party and hands it off saying it is a new recipe - jello with Cracker Jacks in it....and she just keeps walking...
Which is really funny.  And I fell for Sgt Foley, just like Mary did...  ahh romance.....  so it has been fun to still have a little winter left and to be trapped inside having an excuse to watch it and stitch away.  There are show clips on YouTube - and even clips of Carol Burnett doing her spin as Mary Mary Quite Contrary...  She comes out from under the kitchen sink - and in the show - Mary Hartman does actually crawl into the cabinet under the kitchen sink in an episode.  So I will be spending more time with Mary and stitching away.

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llknbillburg said...

You are making great progress on this!! I am stitching P4D too and am stitching mine on 45 ct. linen over 2. Slow going!! Laura