Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stitching the nights away

 Above was yesterday afternoon...
Above is after a night of stitching till the sun came up.
Filling in the left side.  The empty triangle areas will have something different - not sure what yet.  Over 4 dmc packages used so far.  Started with 12.  Clicking on the photos will give you a clearer image.
Still watching Mary Hartman.  Up to episode 262 out of 325.  It got pretty good there for a while.  Then it dropped off into being bad - I am up to starting the Bigfoot plotline - yes, Bigfoot.  I know that the Sgt Foley character comes back at some point - and I am waiting for that.  The only thing keeping me going has been watching Dennis Burkley playing Mac Slatterly.  I was sorry to learn that he passed away last summer.  I enjoy watching him - he is a cutie - and he has been in many other shows and movies.  Most web sites imply he was in Mary Hartman very little, which is not true.  So watching him has been a pleasure even with some bad story lines.
Posting a single day of stitching progress makes no sense - and you can look to the past post to see what the difference was over the week.  Sometime stitching feels like we have made no progress in just a single night of stitching - so I wanted a few blog entries to show that a single day can show change.

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