Sunday, April 6, 2014

Still Adding Rows

Still working at it and adding rows.  Still all from the pattern at this point, it is all just mixed up and widened. 
I did go to my moms to burn old papers.  I accidentally set some dried leaves on fire.  About the size of a dinner plate at the base of the burn barrel.  It was at the platter size while I tried to think if I could just stomp at it or not.  But the flames were coming out of the top of the barrel, so I was stomping at a weird angle - with my leg stretched out.  Which put me off balance so I ended up with me on the ground kicking out the final flames.  Taking off my shoe would have been easier at that point and just hitting the flames out.  Then when I got home I noticed the ends of my hair were singed.  We all know the smell of burning hair - I never smelled that - but my theory is that landing on my behind kept the barrel flames from burning my hair more.  About an hour before I'd gotten a haircut - so it was already short enough.  I should probably add that - mom's house has no well pressure at the moment - therefore no water.  And the cell phone was not on me - but in the car. It was one of those moments that you are glad nobody else is videotaping you.  In the past - any small twig that has fallen outside of the barrel has just burnout out - not lit something else.  It was enough excitement for the day.  My friend had just told me earlier that he was burning brush, and the wind kicked up and it had gotten exciting for him as it was burning way faster than he intended.  And that his wife's work crew had burnt weeds and it had gotten away from them that same day and taken three fire crews and 16 acres were burned before they got it stopped.  My small fire was nothing compared to that.  But it was enough for the day - and I just wanted to be home stitching on the sofa.


Jackie Patton said...

So glad I found your blog. Your work is the same type of cross stitch patterns/designs that I love to work on also!! Now I can't wait to go through all the pics. that you have posted!

Candy said...

I saw a post of yours which said you have or had the charts for Legends of the Silver Screen, designed by Terrance Nolan. Do you still have them, and are you willing to sell them? I REALLY would love to stitch all of them...not sure why I'm so obsessed with this!! I'd appreciate it any help you can give me! I'd be happy to give you contact information.