Thursday, June 12, 2014

Finally an update photo

Finally a photo update.  Click on the photo for a better view. 
I am filling in the triangles that I skipped with my own design, and without a plan.  I have to measure and figure frame sizes before knowing if I will add more rows.
I am STILL not done at my mother's house.  I have not had a productive attitude to do anything other than mow there.  But I do mow there twice a week, since she has a rider mower.  I am trying to turn that around, yet again, starting today.  I did get the brush piles burned from last year, and now there is more to cut and burn this year.  I did get the third bedroom painted.  A gallon painted the bedroom two coats with a cup leftover for touch up.  Other than that, it is all the same.
I got a new scale to try to lose some weight.  Things just have to change.  At this point, the numbers are horrible, about 6 pounds from my highest weight ever.  So I am just looking for the numbers to start a trend downward.  My paperwork is semi caught up, compared to being way off and not having a clue about numbers I needed to keep track of since my mother died.  Papers have been strung out on the kitchen table for months.  I got half of it filed and stopped once I got the numbers updated.  A trend that needs to also stop, I never seem to finish anything.  I am starting to have a house that resembles a hoarders episode.  Piles of crap everywhere, stuff that was my parents that I still need to sort.  And you learn to ignore it after a while, and especially if you live alone.  So I am going to work at that too.  So I have no clue how much stitching will be worked on.  If whatever I try doesn't work, I will try something else.    

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