Monday, July 21, 2014

Something different

Just had to start something different.  I still have not finished the band sampler yet, but the idea of floss with color and not all black was enough to get me to start this.
I have watched other stitchers stitch - And They Sinned.  I finally bought the pattern and the floss kit.  As usual, I wanted to avoid framing something long and narrow.  I thought I could change the pattern and instead of one long design, section it into three patterns.  So that is what I am trying.  Since the top third had the fewest things I wanted to change, that is where I am starting.  The floss colors are just lovely.
I am stitching it one over one, on 28 count gray jobelan.  I know sometimes one or more of the floss colors called out will disappear into the material, but I think gray will be just fine. 
I will try to grab the band sampler some night and finish the last row.  I am not stitching all that much, and still trying to work on my moms house.  I am trying to get the yard done, and then will finish inside. 

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