Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stitching continues...

Stitching continues slowly.  I love the way that the floss is mottling.  Like in the blue area of the cloud.  I was a little worried when I saw the light gray on the ends of the clouds.  I thought it might be too close to the material color and not show, but it seems fine.
A new Hobby Lobby opened here, I had to go out of town before, so I stocked up on a couple of floss colors because it was all new, it was all the same dye lots.  Worth paying a few pennies more, and nice to be able to get 12 red or 40 black - 40 seemed reasonable.  I didn't buy ALL the black floss.
The exciting part of my day was mowing at my moms, on a small riding mower.  I have been picking up dead sticks to burn and tossing them on a plastic tarp about the size of a queen flat sheet.  I thought there was room to go between the barrel and the tarp, without catching the tarp.  I was wrong.  It sucked that tarp up under the mower just a quick as a vacuum cleaner will suck a shoelace and then try to eat the shoe.  It seemed more exciting when the mower did it.  It stopped the mower immediately.  I had to go find one of the guys I used to work with and bring him out to my mom's house and one of us lifted the front end of the mower and the other one used scissors to cut the tarp away from the mower blade and shaft.  It wasn't hard, it just showed I was too lazy to move the tarp a couple of feet.  Luckily I have men friends that will help me when I screw up.  The mower seemed to work fine and started like a champ once the tarp was out.  It was just enough excitement for me, and I was just glad everything seemed to still work.

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