Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Little things of summer...

Some sections are actually done.  Others are not.  That tree that I have started at the bottom is going to take a while.  I have the Adam and Eve with the tree section yet to go. 
I ordered the Big Red Ship Of Life pattern by Ink Circles.   Just could not resist.  I am trying to decide whether to stitch it in red or black.  She is guessing 95 yards of floss, single strand, which would be 14 skeins of dmc.  I've done the math, and to stitch it on 28 count over one, it is 12.32 inches x 15.03 inches. Stitch count is 345 x 421.   I figured a 16 x 20 frame would fit nicely.  I am just waiting for it to show up in the mailbox.
It has been hot, and I don't have air conditioning in the house, but actually, I got more done in the last couple of days than I have most of the summer.  Not enough to actually show, but for me, any progress is good. 
I thought that the sweet corn season was finished.  There is a guy that sells sweet corn near my house, but he is from the same country road as my mom's house.  I tell people that he sells the crack cocaine of sweet corn.  He gives you 14 ears, sometimes more, in his dozen, and I live off of it - I buy real butter - I don't have to salt it.  I can make the dozen last for 2 days, and I am back for more.   You have to eat it fresh, after 2 days, it tastes like every other sellers corn, but his is picked daily, and really fresh.  I crave it.  I can ignore chocolate - but not corn from that guy.  I think - I should be able to skip a few days, then I crave it - it really is just like a junkie for me, and he is my favorite dealer.  I have told him that, and he just laughs.  So I eat my fill while he is around.  And when I don't see him on the usual corner, I panic a little, just like any junkie with a habit would.  Today I gathered quarters to pay him - just like any junkie would.  And I came home and boiled water and cooked it up, just like any junkie would.  I did go for several days because I did think he was done selling - then he was back when I drove - so I am back buying it.  A summer sweet corn addiction is something that could be much worse.  My friend knows if you buy 4 dozen, he will give you the fifth dozen free...  She freezes it.  I considered that - but it would just  last me the week or so after he was done selling, and I would have eaten my frozen stash.  And it would be work to freeze it, so I binge with a smile, knowing when summer ends, so will the sweet corn. 

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