Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Tonight I have realized I have mis-counted and it was far enough back that I might as well start over.  I mis-counted just above the dog  or fox putting that leafy thing two stitched to the right.  And also I am off on the counts up and down.  I am also off on the thing above the flag.  Messed up.  If you mess up before you are done with the first skein of floss, and before you have the first of 16 pages even done, maybe it is just a chance to start over.  It has been a long time since I messed up so bad that I wanted to just start over.  Well, maybe it wasn't all that long ago.... I don't remember for sure.
Watched Austenland tonight.  I am still not quite past my Pride and Prejudice phase.  Cute movie.  I had wanted to read the book since I saw it at the library.  I think I even have it on audiobook.  But watching the dvd took much less time.

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