Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nearly the Width

Nearly the width across the top. 
I am supposed to have 31 across the top of those 'S' things, and I have 30.  I would rather be short than too many, so I did it one short.  I counted the number from the cover photo, not from the pattern.  If there is an extra stitch, I am messed up at this point, but don't know it yet.
This is slightly past the second full skein of dmc floss. 
I got the appointment set up to repair my car.  I have a zero deductible.  They are going to replace the hood, the bumper cover, the grill, the headlight.  It was $2360.  The headlight alone was $294 to replace.  They are sealed from moister by elves in the shire, or using the sticky glue made from unicorn horns, so you can't just replace the plastic headlight cover.  There is a crease and two dents on the hood.  Rather then take out the dents, it is cheaper to replace the whole hood.  And the bumper cover has a slight crack where the cover attaches to the car.  It is all overkill.  But I do keep cars for years.  It is 6 years old, it has 40,000 miles.
My feeling was that the woman that was brave enough to come up to my car to check on me and helped me after to find the dead deer, and was willing to be a witness for the insurance if I needed that should get something nice from me.  She could have just gone back inside her house.  I did not know she was there till she came up to my car while I was parked on the highway shoulder.  So I bought her two dozen red roses.  I had her home number and I called to ask if I could drop something off because she had been so nice to me.  I said it is something small, so do not get your hopes up too high.  She understood who I was on the phone, rather than me just showing up at her door near dark, it seemed smart to call ahead.  She invited me in, which was not part of my plan.  But I went in.  I met her husband.  We all talked for quite a while.  It turns out I had met her long ago.  She worked with the woman that was my best friend years ago.  So we had people in common.  I was only where my friend worked a couple of times so I would have been introduced just in passing. 
Then she said something about thanking me for doing this for her. 
And I am weird.  I know this.  I will talk to people or do something slightly odd.  I could explain it, but it would sound crazy.  I did not expect to ever see this woman after I drove off.  I am sure she did not expect to see me again.  And yet that day seemed like the day to get her flowers or a gift card. 
So she started to tell me her story and that by bringing her flowers I had restored her faith in other people.  Where she lives is a busy highway at the edge of town.  She recently had a car stop at her house claiming they were out of gas and had gotten just as far as her driveway.  She had two gallons of gasoline.  She gave it to them.  They did not pay her for it.  They did not come back later and pay her for it.  She told me that they were drunk, and she had not called the cops but she certainly could have.  Probably should have.  And they were not kids, they were older, and should have known better.  I said I understood.  On the other hand, she felt she had done nothing to help me.  She had come to the road to see if I was okay, and to see if there was still a deer in / on the road.  It needed to be moved before somebody else hit it if that was the case.  Getting someone to butcher the dead deer kept it from rotting in the ditch across the street and her having to smell that process.  She had done nothing for me, and yet I am the one that shows up 5 days later with 2 dozen roses, and saying I appreciated that she had been nice to me. 
I can understand that.
She has had a difficult year.  She normally has flowers planted but was too busy to plant them with her husband having surgery, and several other things just keeping her too busy.  So flowers were appreciated.
Talking to them was nice. 
She told me that I was welcome to come back to visit.  I said I know I am weird and asking odd questions, and that I should really be taken only in small dosages.  But it had been very nice to talk to her, and meet her, and that I did appreciate her. 
And I had been to a utility annual meeting that afternoon, they give you lunch and have door prizes and money off your bill.  I won one of thirty chances and got $25 off the bill.  So buying her flowers and spending $26 I look at as just shifting the money to something else.  She and I both learned from meeting each other.  And it all happens because I am just odd enough to bring flowers to her, and to come in when I expected to just go home. 
But that all sounds weird.  I understand that.

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