Sunday, September 7, 2014


Started Ink Circles - Big Red Ship of Life.

I guess mine will not be a big RED ship of life. 
Maybe I can rename mine "The Big Black Ship of Death"...
Started it with dmc black on 28 count Dove Gray jobelan.  One strand over one thread.  It is in a 7 inch hoop.  This is still the first page of 16 pages, It is the width of one page and slightly into the page above.  I started in the middle.  I changed the men's eyes, they looked a little too alien, and I trimmed back that fox slightly on the head and tail.  I messed up a little, I just filled it in with something to make it not noticeable.  I was looking for a more masculine feel than red.  This may not be ideal colors, but so far it IS an interesting stitch.  And I am using up my stash.  It should finish at 12.3 inches by 15 inches. 

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