Monday, September 22, 2014

Top to bottom

From the top to the bottom.  I am just happy that it fits. I am always happy when they fit.  I expected it to be slightly over 15 inches, but it measures 14.5 or 14.75 stretched.  I am still on the second skein of dmc at this point. 
I have spent many hours stitching this past week.  Stitching is not what I should be doing.  That is really nothing new.  I have tried to change a few things to see if that changes my attitude - it didn't.  I fired the realtor two weeks ago, he was the boy that I knew in school.  I did not fire him because he is a bad realtor but because he frustrates me.  I told him that I KNOW he is a lesson in frustration for me.  And he then says he has no clue why I would feel that way.
And to top of my week, I hit a deer with my car.  I have never hit a deer, and I have certainly been close a few times.  But I was not hurt, and the car has VERY little damage.  If you have to hit a deer, this was the deer to have to hit.  I had witnesses, and the lady was nice enough to give me her name and number.  She saw me hit it.  It was a yearling - just barely had lost it's fawn spots.  The lady said she saw the mother doe and two fawns and I got the older fawn, and the smaller went went with mom.  I think hitting a dog would have done more damage.  I would have felt worse if I had hit the mother, and orphaned the fawns.  Another car sliding into me on winter ice would have done more damage.  I am not whining about hitting this deer.  I was able to drive away.  It broke the headlight plastic, but the headlight still works just fine.  It dented the hood near the light, but not awful.  The lady walked the ditch with me to find the deer.  I was able to take a cell phone photo of the dead deer.  She asked me if I wanted it, and I said no, but if she knew somebody that would, I was fine with her calling them to take it.  The guy was her neighbor, and he came and took it.  I asked if it was really big enough to make it worth butchering - he seemed to think so because the hit seemed to be to the head.  There would have been more meat on a german shepard dog.  Honestly, small deer.  But if you have to hit a deer, a small deer is better.  I saw what I thought was the mother directly in front of me as the driver - I had time to know I have to hit her, and not swerve to the ditch - but there wasn't time to hit brakes.  But I hit a smaller deer, so it doesn't really make sense.  It is like somebody switched deer at the last moment.  I saw the doe in front of the car - but that was not the deer I saw dead in the ditch.  I can't explain that at all, and I know it makes no sense.  And the deer did not hit on the drivers side, but on the passenger side.  It just doesn't make sense in my head.  It was almost dusk - I was sober, I was not on a cell phone - I was just at the edge of town - so 50 miles per hour.  Like I said - I am not whining about it.  I KNOW it could have been many times worse.  It I got to more than half of my driving career before hitting a deer where I live - that is sort of amazing.  I called the guys to talk to them.  One has never hit a deer.  One had.  And the third guy I asked - realtor boy from my past above.... he said he came upon somebody else hitting a deer, and instead of turning around - he stopped and backed up - and he said he backed up pretty fast, and suddenly he heard something hit. and he thought maybe one of the people had gotten out of the other vehicle - and he had hit them - but it was actually a second deer, and he hit it while backing up.  He said nobody in insurance had ever heard about a filing a claim for hitting a deer while backing up.  But it is a funny story. 

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