Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Borders and more borders...

The borders are all the way around, and I just have to fill in the bottom missing section.  Again, the counts came out correct.  Really, always surprises me.  I am starting to make little changes, adding a fish tale, little things that most people would never notice, but makes me happier when I look at it closely.
I got my car back from the deer accident repairs.  I went to go see Gone Girl, the movie.  The movie stays pretty true to the book, but the book is better just because the book gives more insights into the characters.  The actors all did a good job, the author wrote the screenplay too.  I have also finished 3 more audiobooks.
And I got another year older.
Also got to see a flatbed tow truck, it had no car on the bed - it was at a mart type gas station, and the guys parked it pointed towards the road for easier leaving and because it was certainly bigger than a regular parking spot, and started walking inside, and were almost to the door, and the truck started to leave without them and without a driver.  The driver took off running to catch it and jump back inside - and the light had just turned green so there was traffic coming up to join it so it was a bit of a race to see how far the truck would get, and it was off into the grass and jumping curbs.  I had just finished watching the movie - this was way more action than the movie had...  It all ended up fine - the guy caught it and jumped back inside, because it was going forwards and uphill, before going downhill, it was heading away from the pumps and store and glass and people.  I was across the street and watching it all waiting for my light to turn green.  But it has been a long time since I saw a truck drive away, and I don't think he just didn't have it in gear, it was in gear, and leaving.  Reminded me not to park in front of, or directly behind anything that will be big enough to crush my car.  I thought it might skip 4 lanes of traffic, and cross a Target parking lot, but I figured the only thing big enough to really stop it, was the Target building itself, and even then, it was heading towards the entrance door and glass.    It was a Bruce Willis movie - I was still concerned it was the time of day to hit a deer again, and then I noticed a flatbed tow truck driving away and into traffic without drivers.... suddenly hitting a deer was a much better option.  That truck would not have been like being hit by a semi, but it was big enough to win most the battles, and certainly big enough to kill people in other cars.  This is like 7 pm on a Friday night. 

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Hi again, more borders that match up. Yay! Maybe try to remember that these borders are so interesting they are really a crucial part of the design and not just a line to hold the middle in. Not sure that came out well, but you know what I mean! Irene xxx