Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Top Corner

The top corner all matched up.  Started stitching from the middle of the side to the top, so anything at all could have happened when I finally got to where everything all had to meet.  I finally have dimension measurements - on 28 count from side to side is 12 inches, and from top to bottom is 14.5 inches.  Not stretched, not ironed.
Finished listening to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I understand why they said women just pass the book onto their friends and tell them to read it.  It is a good story, and not the usually story.  No spoilers here.  I thought a couple sections were slow, like they would never tie up the plotlines, but some of the words the author chooses are exact, and so well put together that they are like beautiful music, not for the sentiment, but because of the choice of words.  There were a few moments of what I might call graphic language, but it is not continual, and it probably makes the point of the character saying it in the moment.  It only happens twice.  The audiobook version was long, but VERY well done, and is read by a man and also a woman,  It was a good book to stitch to while listening along.  But it IS long.  And I will go see the movie - honestly, my car is in the shop for a few days having the deer hit damage repaired, repainted, and fixed.  But if I had access to a car, I would have finished that book and gone directly to watch the movie at the theater.  I am very curious to see how the movie version turned out.  I can't imagine that they could do the book justice.  Which is a really nice thing to say about a book. 

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Yay!! Well done for meeting up the corners! Always a worry as you stitch nearer and nearer. Sometimes I am too frightened to look or count ahead as I get closer to the turn! I clicked on your photo to enlarge it today - there's an awful lot of stitching there. Brilliant work. Irene xxx