Thursday, December 25, 2014

Slow Progress

Progress is slow.  I have only stitched a few nights.  I will mention that the pattern has this done in two colors to make the flowers or leaf design pop away from the letter outline.  I am just using the single color of floss by choice. 
I got hung up on shopping on-line.  It was fun, but... 
I AM trying to switch from shopping to using up from my stash, and I seem to have a foot in both sides.  I am using the end of the year as my ending spending date.  I restocked my house supplies.  I know the new year HAS to be a new attitude and plan.  

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Jennifer said...

I "cut myself off" at the beginning of September. So far, so good. I haven't used my credit cards for a single thing, not so much as a stick of gum or roll of toilet paper. It's tough, but very rewarding (in many ways!). I do spend a bit occasionally on stash items...mostly needed stuff to finish a project. But only use cash or check. Yes, I still shop on-line but use the bank transfer option on PayPal rather then the credit card option. When I have to go to the checkbook and deduct the amount right away I tend to spend substantially less!
Good luck with your New Years plan.