Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Time To Switch Projects...

I added a tiny bit more, but I had to try something new, so I started something else.  After three nights of stitching, I have used so little floss that there is no point to a photo.

I have spent much too much time online shopping.  I felt guilty, till Sunday when the prices shot back up.  Then there was much less guilt.  But as they say - the party is over.  I got one new pattern, and that was it. 

I am going to go back to - Use it up, Wear it out.  And I need to add, go back and finish a few of those projects that are not finished. 

I did do something interesting this year - I kept track of what I was spending monthly.  Not things like grocery or utilities or insurance.  But things I buy online, things I buy at the local store that is not food.  I kept track of gasoline - fast food - and haircuts - repairs.   Where does the money go?  Just to get a monthly total.  I learned there are really large swings in what I spend from month to month.  I had a month that I went to the movies a few times - I spent the least that month, even though I was actually out more, and I felt like I was spending more.  I didn't do it to the penny, but I wanted to see trends.  I will probably try to do it again - and see if I can get the numbers to be more even from month to month.  It is not exact, but when I spent 5 times what I spent the month before - there should be a reason.  And stuff like that happened, more than once. 

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