Friday, February 21, 2014

Filling in the right side...

 Above is the belated photo from the second hoop moving... was just stitching from the center to left side pages.
And this was as of early last night filling in the right hand side pages.  I am stitching for hours each evening - from dark till 3 am or 5 am sometimes.  Then sleep till noon and wait till dark to start stitching again.  Not sure how wide yet, but stitching the middle will keep me busy before I have to decide. 
Went to check on my mom's house with a friend.  He had not seen it since the auction.  I fell twice in the snow - even with him trying to stomp down the snow for me to step and not fall.  It was about thigh deep by the road from the plows pushing snow back into the ditches and driveway.  And when you fall, there is really nothing to push against to get back up again.  The snow just gives way all the way up to your shoulder and you can't touch the bottom.  If I had been alone - I would have been in serious trouble.  And once inside - I wanted to add water to the drains - except turning on the water resulted in NO WATER.  So the guy was expecting a busted pipe - but everything was dry - so I am not sure what is going on - and I will not even bother to try to figure it out till the snow melts.
But I am not worried - and I have been thinking all winter that if a pipe busted it would have run for months - so at least my worst fear was not true.  The winters were good in years I needed them to be good, while my mom had twice daily hospital visits for wound care - and so I will not complain if this year it keeps snowing till May.  But agreeing that is has been a long winter - is not complaining.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And it is still Winter...

Not stitching nightly yet.    Also have not had to move the hoop yet.  The football day stitching sale got to me, and I ordered stuff.  Everybody has that pattern you both love and hate - but you keep going back to look at it over and over again.  And you love to see somebody else stitching it.  I could always say it was too expensive and not buy it before - but at 25% off and free shipping - I can stop thinking - should I buy it or not.  It is mine now.  And I bought fancy thread to go with it.  And I already know that I want to change it from one long design into three smaller designs. 
But I started this - and this will be what I am stitching for a while.  Although I am wondering how much floss this will take - I am almost through the first package of floss, and this is not even a dent or halfway across the row.