Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Day Later

A day later, and it looks a lot more complete.  I have messed up three times so far.  All counting mistakes.  I am making slight changes here and there.  The worst part to stitch so far, was that cat, not a clue why.  Have used one skein of dmc floss so far, and am slightly into the second skein.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Slow Progress

Progress is slow.  I have only stitched a few nights.  I will mention that the pattern has this done in two colors to make the flowers or leaf design pop away from the letter outline.  I am just using the single color of floss by choice. 
I got hung up on shopping on-line.  It was fun, but... 
I AM trying to switch from shopping to using up from my stash, and I seem to have a foot in both sides.  I am using the end of the year as my ending spending date.  I restocked my house supplies.  I know the new year HAS to be a new attitude and plan.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Letter C

Here is what I started.  The Letter C from Gigi R. 
In dmc 815 - one over one - on the same fabric I stitched the letter L, also by Gigi R.
I haven't finished that yet either. 
C - C is for Charlie - the boy from my past.  There are as many letter C's in the pattern as I have feelings and confusion about things he said to me.  So in some ways it really is the perfect pattern to stitch because of that.  He has become an enigma, but I don't need a solution. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Time To Switch Projects...

I added a tiny bit more, but I had to try something new, so I started something else.  After three nights of stitching, I have used so little floss that there is no point to a photo.

I have spent much too much time online shopping.  I felt guilty, till Sunday when the prices shot back up.  Then there was much less guilt.  But as they say - the party is over.  I got one new pattern, and that was it. 

I am going to go back to - Use it up, Wear it out.  And I need to add, go back and finish a few of those projects that are not finished. 

I did do something interesting this year - I kept track of what I was spending monthly.  Not things like grocery or utilities or insurance.  But things I buy online, things I buy at the local store that is not food.  I kept track of gasoline - fast food - and haircuts - repairs.   Where does the money go?  Just to get a monthly total.  I learned there are really large swings in what I spend from month to month.  I had a month that I went to the movies a few times - I spent the least that month, even though I was actually out more, and I felt like I was spending more.  I didn't do it to the penny, but I wanted to see trends.  I will probably try to do it again - and see if I can get the numbers to be more even from month to month.  It is not exact, but when I spent 5 times what I spent the month before - there should be a reason.  And stuff like that happened, more than once.