Sunday, December 27, 2015

Still not impressive

Still not impressive at the amount I have done lately.  I start out the day to stitch - then somehow end up playing too many games of computer solitaire.  I will be glad to be done with this section, it is just fussy to stitch the green to get the outlines for the other critters.  I still like the pattern, and like stitching it, look forward to stitching - and the part of just filling in the critters should go quicker since they are not stripes or something else fussy.
I am not going to start a new project for the new year.  I like what I have started, and I don't feel the need to start anything new. 

And they are predicting snow and ice for us Monday. 

I got my Christmas wish.  I tried to fix my dishwasher - changing out the control board didn't help, so new plan - wait till there is a good sale - maybe free installation if that is possible.  I am cheap.  But this could take a while...  The first ad was 10% off.  So I started looking at models and brands, and then the Christmas Eve ad was 10% off and also free installation, and an extra 5% off.  So since that was exactly what I had asked for - and snow was predicted - that meant - order it now.  So I left in the morning to look at the real models not just internet photos, and ended up ordering one that will get to their store in a week, at the year end, and then it is up to the installer guy's schedule.
I stuck with the same brand - when they work - they work great and don't leak.  But I have gone through 2 in 10 years and the last one in about 4 years.  So I certainly was not going to buy bells and whistles to pay $50 more for a folding rack - or $50 more for stainless steel outside door.  I didn't go the cheapest model either.  I bought like it only might last 4 years again.  We even joked about buying one I didn't really like - because the one you never quite like, seems to last forever.  I am a single person - I preclean everything - I can honestly say - I have never had to clean out that little catch cup - because there is never anything on the dishes.  I mostly look at it as a really great clean rinsing kills germs thing.  And I didn't send back the $90 board I replaced.  I could have - but if I had paid for somebody to come look at it, it would have cost me $90 or more as a labor charge for the guy to look at me and say - yep lady, it's broken.  At least for my $90 I tried, and got to think of another way to try, and try again even messing with the codes - it is sort of exciting when you find a code combination that will run the dishwasher with the door still open.  At least I knew that was not the code I was looking for.   Paying somebody would have gotten me the right code, maybe - but if the heater is not working - and there was a code hinting that was the problem - the only solution was to pull it almost completely apart.  But if you are going to play and screw one up - doing that to one that is already not working - sort of fun.  But don't tell your kids if you hold down several buttons while turning it on - that is when you can make all sorts of crazy things happen.

One other thing - I watched Netflix - Making A Murderer - it is insanely good.  Probably the best show I have seen all year.  If you are a fan of Serial, then Making A Murderer is that on steroids. 
Then I watched The Jinx, all 6 episodes were on youtube - not great sound quality but watchable - that felt like the flip side of the coin.  From poor and less education, to wealthy and educated.  Watching them back to back - and watching that last 15 minutes about 4 times - really insane to directly compare the two.
And I will toss in this bit of trivia - Making a Murderer - the case is in Wisconsin - and their tourist department seems to have two slogans - Discover Wisconsin - and - Escape to Wisconsin...  The state slogan is - Stay A Little Bit Longer....  It is just one of those things that is true that you can't make up.  That show will certainly help people to discover Wisconsin, and choose to avoid Wisconsin.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Picking Back Up The Needle

I picked back up the needle again.  Not anything worth bragging about, but it was nice.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

All those eyes....

 This is where I am starting from after the shopping insanity.  It was a break from cross stitching, but not from sewing.  I found the slippers I like - and they look like this... and yep, they are all mine.
They come with hats and antlers and scarfs on the penguins, and bells... and since I wear them all winter, I remove all that and make them slightly plainer.  Doing that on a dozen pairs takes me a couple of days.  They are like wrapping your foot in a bag of fake fur covered fiberfill, with a non skid sole.  The result photo is below.  Still makes me smile to see those faces on my feet.  For some women it is purple hats - or red hats, but for me - warm silly moose feet all winter, thank you very much.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Not Enough Green

Barbara Ana's - All Creatures Great and Small...
If you just get just one skein of the suggested DMC to do the green, this is as far as you will get before you have used it all.  It isn't enough to do the hill of green at the bottom with the animals on it.  The hill goes over to the tree trunk in an arch if you want to know just how much you will be short.  The other areas I have filled in, I have used the suggested colors, so it is not like I messed up and used it for the cornstalk or those tiny pine trees - nope, that is a different green.  And I am stitching one strand over one thread on 28 count evenweave.  If you got the pattern - buy two of those green used in the leaves. 
Going to try to keep stitching on this - I knew I would be sick of leaves, and I was, but I there areas I think will be fun to fill in for a while yet. 
( I know she suggested Anchor floss and then cross references to DMC numbers on the pattern.  I have no clue anymore if Anchor and DMC are both the same lengths or not. )

Friday, November 13, 2015

Just the Green....

It was supposed to be - just stitch the leaf border, I want to know if I need more green...  I bought two, but there is a lot of green, lots of leaves.  The pattern does not suggest two, but there is a hill of green at the bottom, double rows of green to create levels.  Then I got side tracked and started to fill in, and I had not completed the frame.  The point was - I knew I would get sick of stitching the frame and all the leaves.  I thought I could do the frame and leaves, then come back after another finish, and I would fill in the middle having forgotten about the leaves. 

I completed three sides of the border but the left side up and down border - and it didn't match at the top left corner.  I had caught that there was an extra stitch at the bottom left corner, a four instead of a three in the repeat of the design.  I did miss the four right next to it also in that bottom corner.  So I was off one when I got to the top corner.  So I had just stitched the stem, no leaves, and had to frog and restitch the stem and find why I was off.  That took a while, I couldn't find in the pattern why I was off.  So to others with this pattern, that bottom left corner is the key where it just not repeated the same.
The top doesn't mirror the bottom, which is fine - it sort of messed up her design in the corners, and that is where I start to think - am I changing it or not.  I am just stitching the pattern.  I did change the cat slightly, and I know there will be a few wonky animals I want to adjust.  I have stitched a little more, that left side has all it's leaves now, and I am working across the bottom. 

I sometimes listen to audiobooks - they do repairs on the cable, so internet is sometimes out in the middle of the night.  I started listening to Deep Down Dark - on audiobook, about the Chilean Miners.  Great audiobook.  I'm about halfway - and I know the movie - The 33 - came out today.  I can't imagine the movie being better than the book, or having more details.  One poor guy, it was his first day down in the mine.  Another guy wanted to get an extra trip to the bottom in because he was paid per trip.  He got his lunch, and drove back down to the bottom to eat it to get that extra trip in.  It is an amazing tale, and there is some just craziness.  They finally reach the guys with the tunnel, an what do they send to them as one of the first things?  Paperwork to fill out.... before food...  pure insanity.  Very interesting book.  And it probably means I will have to go watch the movie, but the book has brought me to tears several times, I can't imagine the movie being better. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lots of Stitches

Here is what I want to say - Good Golly, there are lots of stitches to fill in on that bottom section.  Or at least a version of that.  I have to say that I am still enjoying filling it in, especially as I can start to call more areas completed.

Stopped to get floss for the new pattern.  Trying to avoid needing to shop when everybody else is Christmas shopping.  The winter stitching stash is full enough to keep me happy and busy till spring.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Scissors and Color

The mailman delivered the latest order - that Barbara Ana sampler that seemed wonderful.  And I had started with simple metal small scissors, and they were in the $5 price range.  But a while ago, I saw these little scissors.  The pink ones.  Next order, I liked the pink ones, so I ordered the blue pair.  This time I had realized that I really liked my little scissors, and I wanted a few spare pairs.  So another pink, a blue, and the purple.  They are $7 from Stitch and Frog . com.  She offers free shipping over $60, but even on a simple order, shipping was a little over $4.  I have gotten several orders from her, and I even had a mix up, and she was extremely easy to contact and talk with.  As for the scissors, they are very sharp, smooth, easy to cut material like jobelan, to just cut the tip of a thread strand, and able to frog out just a few stitches, and are really one of those small wonderful things.  I have not seen these offered from other dealers, she calls them Cotton Candy scissors, and they offer a green version too.  They come with a little cover that protects the blades that easily just snaps over the ends.  The finger holes are about an inch long for the opening - I can slide my thumb into it completely, not that you would need to, but the finger openings are a reasonable size, not some tiny thing.  Overall length is about 3.25 inches.  The scissors are just one of those small things that really add to my pleasure while stitching.  You want the material to feel right, you want that perfect drink nearby to sip from, and you want scissors that are smooth to cut with, and sharp, and light in weight.
Okay, now it is starting to sound like a beer commercial.  I am just saying - those are some really NICE scissors.  I love my gingher full size dressmaking shears - I love these little scissors the same way. 

And I have made a little progress on Peaceful Paradise.  The section of the moon is done.  Working my way across the bottom.  The sheep are the same smog color as the clouds.  The colors run amazingly close to each other, and therefore blend into each other.  Like the whiskey has a shade just barely off of the dmc yellow suggested.  The result is that you lose the design just slightly, as opposed to a sharp defined crisp color difference.  Or a shading difference.  Neither is right or wrong - it is style, it is also where the randomness of the color changes of the thread appear in the stitches.  And floss dyelots change over the life of a pattern.  So watching to colors as they fill in - certainly a lesson in color for me.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Filling in, and starting something new...

 Spent a couple days filling in the birds and the bottom line trees, etc.  I had skipped ordering a brown, but then decided to use the suggested floss, so I am waiting for it to arrive.  It shipped today.

I started this - Peaceful Paradise from Midsummer Night Designs.  It is slow stitching so far.  The idea was to get the black borders done, I have used one skein of the floss so get this far.  Stitching on 25 count antique white jobelan, one over one, since I had that in my stash.  The clouds around the sun are not white but more of a smog brown.  Khaki Mocha is the cloud color.  I am using the suggested floss list.  It has been interesting to stitch several different designs by the same designer one right after the other.  Paradise is the third one, and I have three more of her designs I can continue with.

I did fix the couple of floss areas that bothered me on the Time design from the last blog entry.  I fixed the text, I restitched the teal flowers to be darker. 
My furnace got turned on tonight.  I planned to go to my mom's house and light that one too, but I just drove around instead.  So I will HAVE to go tomorrow.   ** And I did, and I mowed... Hooray!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Two Finishes

 Above shows how far one skein of floss will get you from finishing....  seven words....
So if you order this pattern, order two purples.  I thought perhaps because I had used one half strand to test on a different fabric, it was going to bite me, but I was about two complete strand lengths short.
I lucked out because I needed one for this pattern, and one for another pattern, so I had ordered two.   I could have made the angels a different color, but since I did the angels first, I had to just stitch down to using it all.  So fair warning - you might make it, I stitched one over one, on 28 count antique ivory.  The pattern suggests one strand over two - even on a smaller count over two - I would never have made it.  The green is enough - there were two lengths of the 6 ply left - but not that purple.  And maybe if I fussy stitched it - I could make it - I am not saying it is impossible - but I don't like to stitch and worry.  My suggestion - an extra purple - you will need it - and if your count is larger - maybe an extra green.
Above shows it finished - hooray!
The photo shows it dark, it is antique ivory - not tea dyed anything.  Nice pattern.  I needed to fussy stitch the flowers to get them more dark than the lightest shades - I needed to do that to the colors in the text too.  I did some just to see how light the light flowers would get - and the teal on the left flowers is really light and in the text four lines from the bottom - 'time' in teal - needs to just be fussy stitched darker.  It looks almost like a smear or erasure.  As for pattern errors, only a couple with the commas.  When I read the text as I was stitching - I guess I hadn't read it through...  I was stitching from the bottom up - and when I got to the part -  'refrain from embracing' - I stopped to read...
I finally tied it to the song - Turn, Turn, Turn - and the words in the song are not quite the same as what I was stitching - which is still fine.  Then I got to - 'a time to plant' - 'a time to pluck up what is planted' - and I thought - 'reap', the word is 'reap', not 'pluck up'.  But way too late to change things at that point.  The two hyphenated words bothered me - but I was just stitching the pattern, per the pattern.  I did omit the two hearts above the birds heads.  I considered something else - I just left it plain. And yes, I am picking it apart - but I must have liked stitching it - it IS the first thing I have stitched from beginning to end for a LONG time.
And I finished 'Mind Your Manners'.  I re-stitched the 'D's and blocks of color around them.  It worked much better stitching the letter last on the color field.  It calls out for lots of colors on the pattern, I wanted to use the same red, the same text and color block floss as suggested.  I think fewer colors is fine, simple.  A great pattern works with lots of colors, not just the suggested colors.

I am trying to pick up stitching on other UFOs - I tried the green cardinal - it was not stitching well, so I picked up the other memorial sampler and I am adding the missing colors of floss that I now have. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Finally a photo

Well, if I use my old tower computer instead of the laptop, I can post photos...
So it is a setting I have wrong on the laptop, but a complete mystery where on the laptop...
I just hate computer crap like that.

Back to stitching...
I had the 'Don't let your mood' completed on the Abby Rose - Mind Your Manners design, but the 'D's are stitched in a color field block - and because I stitched the letter then the surrounding color field, my letter was not standing out clearly, so I decided the answer was to stitch the color field block, then add the letter at the end.  So I picked out the stitching, and will stitch it again.  This is important to me because another pattern I got has several letters stitched in color field blocks, so learning this now, will help me from screwing this up later in a major way.  And I did change the colors - I used the suggested red, but I made the flowers that same red instead of pink, and I just used a green from my stash.  I used the different blacks, there are two or three, and I used I blue from my stash for the ABC, 123.  I DID buy and use the suggested colors for the lettering text, and the shading color block around the 'D's', I liked it on the pattern, I figured I could never match it, or make it better.  I can't really tell there is a difference in the blacks quite honestly.  The pink hoop is 5 inches across, the design is 4 inches x 2.5 inches.  Which lets you notice that stocking is NOT even 4 inches wide... 

The stocking...  yep, stitching over one makes it really narrow... 

And I started 'Time' from Midsummer Night Designs.  It is one of her new designs, and still available to order from Attic Needlework.  I am using the suggested floss, and calling it my sherbet colors floss, which is really different colors than I have stitched before.  Most of the text is in purple, and I am concerned if there will be enough floss, so I am finishing the top half, then will stitch the text.
Stitching it on antique ivory, 28 count, one over one.  I thought perhaps a light gray fabric, so I started on that, stitched a few words of text, then felt the light purple was iffy... so I started it on the antique ivory that the pattern suggested to compare.  I just felt the gray was too drab, so I picked out what I had stitched, and returned the fabric to my stash.  The only change I have made was to give the birds black eyes.  They really just needed that one stitch, and the pattern suggested nothing, but nothing made the head look odd.

In other news - I turned 55 yesterday. 
I have nothing to complain about - I am happy, healthy - both in non-standard situations.  Could be better, but could be SO much worse.  I know the difference. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stitching Away

I am stitching away - but the last three days the blogger site won't let me post photo to do an update.
I have more done on the stocking - and I started yet another small project.  It is just a three night project, so I expect to have it completed later tonight.  I will try again to post a photo again at that point.  Maybe I am just at my limit on this blog for the photos I can upload....

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Why is it easier to stitch a new project than it is to finish something already nearly finished?  Or is that just me? 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


 A photo of the floss order I have been waiting for - $100 worth of sale floss.  Several patterns.  I think I got them all sorted to the correct pattern - I had two left over... I think I know where they go.
I worked on the green version of the cardinal design.  Not going to use the dull red, just the substitute 815.  Had to substitute the beak and feet color again - to dmc 780, which seems perfect.
And this is the pile of stitching on the footstool.  This is only one of several piles of floss and patterns and fabric around me and my stitching spot on the sofa.  It is like a race to stitch myself out before it all surrounds me.  It would be nice to finish something - getting the floss I was missing on a few projects should help. *** I picked up the mess surrounding me, most of it, and put it in a plastic tote so it is more organized, not randomly falling on the floor, and it will stay together. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


It gives you an idea that if I had used the suggested red dmc, it would have been a dull color for the bird.  I felt that the word 'jolly' was too far right - but I stitched it in the place suggested because the spacing was 5 between words - and it is 5 between the lower J loop - but it doesn't look that way.  I changed the year date - just free handing the numbers and placement.  I liked the pattern - I do admit that I uglied it up in my color choices of fabric - but you never know.  I certainly would have preferred a white - but it just didn't work.  Finished at 2.75 x 7.75 inches,
I got the email saying my floss order is on the way - finally - hooray... 

Sunday, September 27, 2015


The pattern is two pages - and the first page is completed.  

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Just Playing

I know I am just playing with this pattern at this point.  My floss order is still on back order.  I am not playing with the whites anymore - I had changed the bird to a darker red, dmc 815, and the berries to that same darker red.  So the stars and snowflakes I will use the original bird color.  I had to darken the beak and feet.  I used the color from outlining the boxes on the other pattern and it worked great.  I am thinking text in the same darker bird red.  Pattern is called Tis The Season from the Joyeux Noel book from Blackbird Designs.  I probably will mess with this pink version and the green version just to see how far I get.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Testing Whites

Okay, the original white blob is still there -
Then I tried just white in a few stitches directly nearest the red tail of the bird -
Then I tried that really bright dmc white - that B5200 - that is the nearly half star.
That one is better, but it almost reads like it was painted on - like painted on with a stencil? It does not look like floss stitched on fabric.  Weird effect though.
So I thought of trying a gold - but on some weird conversion chart - gold turned to green dmc numbers - so that theory didn't help.  I can pick random gold color floss, but they never stitch up like I am expecting.  Never.  Too dark, too yellow, too orange.  Never golden, and a metal floss is too fussy.  So I have a few more options.  The red of the bird was supposed to be a different red, I can try that for the stars / snowflakes and text.  I could try putting this all on a gray fabric - then the white might work...  and I will have to un-stitch those whites...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Never Smooth

Wanted to stitch this for a while - but not with the $6 a skein floss - I got just dmc floss instead.
I had seen it stitched on a mint green - but I thought it might be okay on the mottled pink.  But the white does not really show - the white is above the left leaf on the pink - barely visible.

So I decided to try a green from my stash - it is moss green / celadan - 25 count -  and started over.
So much better - this is three of the colors - I thought it was the answer -
Then I finally added the white after stitching even more - see below...

See the white?  It is almost dead center in this photo.  Slightly left of dead center.  And it is just the same in real life - and I know the green is washing out in the bottom photo, it is closer to the color green in the top photo.  And I changed the red to dmc 815.  The white used is dmc 3866 - but it is going to HAVE to be a different color.  It is also the color used to do the text on the bottom - what would be the point if it all reads like the star motif in that bottom photo. 
Sucks.  Just sucks.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stitching Away

Worked on block #11.  Need to finish the trees, but the rest of it is done.  I think the orange bird is just crazy - but I stitched it thinking I could always un-stitch it.  I have just decided that every square has something odd.  I can't finish a square every two days of marathon stitching - it takes at least three days per square.  Did finally finish the lower left box border.  It takes most of a skein just to stitch all the box border outlines.
The floss order is still back-ordered.  So sticking with just this project has been just fine with me.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Random Filling In

Just random filling in at this point.   Worked on that fifth block house - but then got bored and moved on to stitching that 11th block.  I know it is because I want to make changes - and I am also thinking - just stitch the thing like the pattern.  But I don't want to... So I stitch what I don't want to change.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Four Blocks Finished

Four blocks finished.  Blocks 2, 3, 4 and 7.
My floss order has still not shipped, but that is okay.  It keeps me stitching on this till that floss shows up.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Three Blocks Finished

Finished that second block, and that first block I still need to fill in the cream that will not show in photos.  Text at the top I am still thinking about.  I am going to need to finish that first block - last.
Going to work on finishing the two blocks, #4 and #8 that are already started.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Still Working On It

Not done with the first or second blocks yet.  It seemed like I was due for a photo update.
That brick work, two stitches of this, then two stitches of that, repeat, aaauuuggghhhhh!  Mostly because the cream in that first house is the same as the back ground, making it hard to tell where I have filled in and where I have skipped.  But they are both nearly done.  I have been doing nothing but stitching.  Audiobook length marathon stitching.  And the books have not been that good. 

And the floss that I ordered - they must have been out of a color - so I am waiting...  but there are NO stitching emergencies - so that is fine.  There were 52 in the order - and only a few were doubles. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Blocks and Stash

Almost have the box borders completed.  The biggest problem so far is keeping the floss from tangling since the are so many colors.  I finally got smart and just have the floss for the block I am stitching piled together.

Here is a photo of the patterns that I was chasing for so long.
I saw Peaceful Paradise finished and hanging at my local shop - but they could not find the pattern in their store, which I also suspected was out-of-print.  So the chase began.  I had seen Heaven Above started on a few blogs, I picked up the Memorial Sampler since it was in my local store, and have started it, but I am waiting for the couple of floss colors I am missing to finish it.  Time is the third design pictured - it is new and NOT out-of-print, and it just seemed bright and cheery.  I asked them to also send Mind Your Manners - it had just issued the day before, and it seemed if they were sending some - adding one more was a good idea.  I was chasing the designer for lack of a better word.  I also found that she had a couple of designs published in Just CrossStitch magazines (pictures below).  A few hours later, I had the those back issue magazine charts added to my stash.    Yesterday I figured out the floss order for all these patterns - I pressed the order button and crossed my fingers.  It will be my winter stitching stash.  And hopefully this is the last time I am chasing designers and designs that are out-of-print, or nearly out-of-print.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two Blocks Done

Finished the second block.  I think the colors are just bizarre - but I just stitch along.  The houses are supposed to have two chimneys - but I am okay with just one at this point.  I darkened the birds legs and beak in the first block, and also altered the text letters just slightly.

I started stitching off of the computer scans of the stitching patterns.  Nice to be able to use the computer to make the pattern section I am working on bigger.  I always thought it would be nice to try that - but this pattern has been nice to be able to do that to see the details. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Nearly a block done

I was curious to see how long it would take to stitch a block, and once I knew that the fabric was the correct size, it seemed safe to finish a block.  But I am not quite done with that block, it will take another night to finish it.  It is a piece that you stare at so closely that you think - this is odd, that is odd.  The peach color bird on the roof - the birds at the base, the feet and beaks are so light they don't really show, so I might need to pick a darker color and restitch.  Little things I could fuss about, but I know it is the overall design you see, not all the fussy little things you notice while stitching.  I like the piece, and I like stitching it.  It was nice to get a break from just stitching out the block boxes. 

Remember my search for out-of-print patterns that I ordered July 25?... I am still waiting.  They have put pending charges on my credit card, so I am hoping I will see patterns soon.  At least another week till I see them in my mailbox is my best guess.  Then I will need to order floss..., but I can't do that till I have the list off of the patterns....  I will order the floss from a different shop and catch it on sale, but that will mean more waiting...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stitching Away

Worked on this just a little more - but I just couldn't stay seated and stitching.
So... I started something else, but it was not what I planned to stitch next, it was just what I had the floss in a bag for.

I have spent several nights stitching this already, and it sure looks like nothing looking at this photo.
I do enough in the box to establish the box borders.  This is Carriage House - Houses of Hawks Run Hollow.  I saw the other one from this series stitched up as a sample on the wall at the local needlework shop, but I had the floss for this one, not that one.  Stitching on 28 count Queen Anne's Lace jobelan, with the suggested dmc floss, one over one.  I felt I was moving along on this - till I saw this photo.  This is kinda sad looking.

I got the floss colors suggested for the Gibson Girl pattern.  The darkest brown are very different.  The next darkest brown is also different.  The others seem pretty close.  I am confused since the pattern sure suggests black / gray, but the floss is brown / cream.  I will be curious what this looks like, but I am sure it will be started on a whim. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rounding the Corners

Rounding the corners, so hopefully the border meets where it should.
I messed up my count in a couple of spots, not the border, but just a stitch here and another stitch there.  So I adjust a stitch here and there to get things back into place.  I can still screw this up really bad. 

I got an email saying the silk floss I ordered is finally on the way.  Took nearly a month from the order date till it will arrive at my door.  I don't know if any of the fabric I have will work till I can lay the floss across it.

Stupid things I have done lately?  I mowed my moms gravel driveway.  I mowed it really low to kill the weeds, tossing lots of gravel, more than I realized.  It worked really well.  Then days after I did this - I noticed there are dents in my car and car paint.  I threw rocks into my car and dented my car in several places.  Luckily my car is a 2008, so nothing new that I am just sick about.  I am just sick it was pure stupidity in doing something I didn't have to do. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Bit More

Distracted by shopping on-line, but the good news was I ordered nothing.  I stitched the white vine berries with a purple mulberry from Weeks Dye floss.  The mulberry from Gentle Art is more red.  Changing a few colors here and there. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Happened?

This is what happened when I think about the next project and think about looking in the floss stash for one skein I saw a week ago.  I was making up the floss list I still needed, turns out, I already had the floss for this.  If you nearly order the same floss twice, probably time to just start the project.

Blackbird Designs, 5 part Mystery Sampler.  Starting here with part 5.  I am stitching it on antique white 28 count, one over one, suggested floss, but the white doesn't show, so the berries will be something else.  Not doing the fancy stitches - already omitting stitches off the birds to please my eye.  Always liked this pattern and wanted to stitch it, so far, so good. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Binge Stitching

The pattern says you need two skeins to do the text and the green vine areas.  This shows how far I got with just one skein in the text area.  I am already thinking about what to stitch next, but I will finish as much of this as I can, so I couple of cherubs and a bee hive, and a little more text yet to stitch.  All I can do till I get more floss.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Moving Right Along

It is coming right along.  I am using just the floss I have, and running out of areas I can stitch missing 8 colors.  I will order more, but not till I get those other patterns and can do one floss order while it is on sale.
I started watching a show on Netflix - and it is 80 episodes, so lots of stitching while binge watching the first 13 episodes, then from 13 to 32.  At 42 minutes per show average, it is keeping me at the needle.  A night or two more on this yet.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another night of stitching

After another night of stitching. 
That third line from the bottom, the text was altered and shifted by just two threads to make all the letters and spacing uniform.  I just have to remember to not start the border off of that point or the text above it.  I have no clue about what name I want to use as part of this.  A family member - or someone like Jane Austen seems just as likely to appear.  I am not lacking names to use, but maybe as it finishes it will be more obvious, or this will end sooner than later with a big empty area.

Still enjoying stitching this.  I will admit that I messed up my count on the SECOND strand of floss.  That is not a good start to a project.  I noticed it before I started the third strand of floss but to have to frog that early was not a good sign.  I also messed up when the borders had to meet.  But again where I messed up was right at that point, so I only had to frog 6 stitches - not a miscount that was eight strands of floss before.  So I have been lucky in my mistakes, and I have been able to fix them in just minutes.

I ordered the out-of-print chart 3 weeks ago.  I asked about three charts, they had two, another I was sure was most likely out-of-print and not being sold.  When they said they had two, I asked if they would also get me the one that had came out the day before.  So I knew it could take a week to get the new chart, so after three weeks, I was starting to wonder.  She said that the designer was in the shop a week or two before and had said she was willing to get that third out of print chart for the store and fill my request.  Something I did not even think was possible.  But you can't make somebody do something in a timely manner was the store's response, so they were still waiting, and I was still waiting.  But they had not gotten the new chart in that time either, which seems a bit wonky.  So I said I would just expect them when I saw them in my mailbox.  But at least I am not wondering why they never were sent.  I have been through enough to know there are no stitching emergencies, life has priority.  If I never get them - that is okay too.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Page One Finished

A new start - and page one done.
Midsummer Nights Designs - Memorial Sampler.
Six pages total - this is after two days of stitching.  On 28 count antique ivory - one over one, using suggested floss.  The floss has sort of a brown cast, and works softly against the ivory material.  

An old pattern that I discovered and bought while on search for the out-of-print pattern from the same designer.  I don't have all the floss but I felt if I got four colors I could do most of the border and the text.  So far I have really enjoyed stitching this, and the results. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Second Part of the Pattern...

The second part of the  cover pattern, Vierlande Sampler 1816 is in the newest Sampler and Antique Needlework magazine.  So I am posting a photo of both covers.  Went to get floss and asked if they had it, and she said they had just put it out today. 

The between project...

The top was what I had finished as of Dec 27, 2014
The bottom is as of today. 
It is more of a white fabric with 815 dmc, more like the top photo.

I had stitched the upper right corner at some point.  I started this time in the lower left working across the bottom.  Three corners are established.  I am making little changes all the time - but since layout is based on placement off of other letters, I have to keep track of points that are not changing to count off of for the next letter placement.  Some of the pattern letters just look goofy.  I will omit some and then replace them with others at the end.  I can stitch points that I am not changing and then work from there.  I both love this project and hate this project. 
I am stitching it because C is for Charlie - but the pattern seems to be just as frustrating as Charlie.  I do like that there is a phoenix in the pattern since I always felt Charlie would bloom from the boy into an incredible man.  But at the end of our multiple conversations - he just confused the crap out of me.   Life is too short to deal with men like that.  See Ya Charlie.  May you arise from the ashes next time to be a better man. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Calling it done

Well, I finished the first three sections of the Histoires de Moutons pattern from Jardin Prive.
I changed a few small things, nothing really worth mentioning.  I still think it finished fine without that fourth pattern.  But there is enough material, I can add it if I change my mind later.  It will just be tossed onto the unframed finished pile of stitching. 

I noticed this is an interesting optical illusion.  I just laid the new pattern next to the finish stitching.  And you look at the pattern and assume that it is a full page of paper, and that gives you an idea about the size of the finished stitching.  But that pattern is a page folded over in half, and tipped on end.  The stitching finished at 5 inches by 9 inches for these three sections.   So a sheet of paper folded in half covers the design, but not quite from end to end.  That gives you a better idea of size.

I got the pattern in the mail for Gibson Girl today.  This is the pattern that uses Planet Earth silk that I was having trouble finding that matched the numbers.  I have the silks on order now, they have not shipped yet.  The pattern shows conversions to dmc numbers, which means chasing down $30 worth of floss might have been something I could have avoided.  But I am curious enough about the silk to want to stitch it with the silks suggested.  An expensive whim that I probably would not have done if I had gotten the pattern first.   I am not sure if I will stitch it next or wait for the silk, or just look at the dmc color conversions to see them out of curiosity.  But this is the pattern that I blew off buying to chase the out-of-print chart that I saw on the wall in the store.  In the end I got both, and ordered the stupid silk floss.  But this chart is the only thing that has shown up so far.

What more than likely will happen is spending a few hours stitching something I already have started in hopes of finishing one old project after finishing one new project.  Sheep was a new project - so next has to be something old and already started.