Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Borders Done

The borders done -
Three corners done -
Five floss used - and well into the next floss.
Found one small pattern error of just one stitch, and then I mis-counted so there was just a bit of correction needed.  They weren't hundreds of stitches or hours to fix.  When I mention them, they are sometimes just a dozen stitches.  I have been lucky not to be working off of an incorrect count when stitching area causing a much larger mistake.  The pattern mistake made the clover just need to shift one thread to the left or right.  It is a very small detail, and maybe not worth mentioning or fixing.  Is it really even an error?  It is not.  It is more me being fussy, and trying to match the other four corners.  There is also lots of backstitching detail in the large leaves in the four corner designs.  I am omitting that completely by choice.  I believe because of the scale of the material, I would just darken the leaves and the detail of backstitching would just become a blob.  Just as on small enough material, a stitch that all the threads come from a center point - it just becomes a wad of thread and a lump.  So it is all a choice.
I bought the Downton Abbey dvds that came out yesterday.  I watched and stitched till I could not keep my eyes open.  And I am finishing the series this morning.  I went to the movies yesterday to see Paddington.  Of the total of 15 people in the same showing - only one kid, about 5 years old was there.  The rest of us were all older and at least 40.  Cute movie.  There is a very funny scene to see if you are a fan of Hugh Bonneville, that you will never see on Downton.  It is very well done.  I have always heard that it was hard to animate fur and hair in a believable way - I know that they have been better at it, using computers since Monsters Inc was made by Pixar.  But the detail of Paddingtons fur was amazing, and on a theater screen, there was no place to hide errors.  A funny thing to talk about appreciating the effort, but I do understand the effort.  It is like noticing the details of a stitched piece. 

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I think that you need to be happy with your stitching, nobody else really matters - actually - nobody else would even notice! Sometimes you can live with a tiny mistake or pattern error, sometimes you just can't. This is coming on in leaps and bounds. Well done. Irene xxx