Thursday, February 5, 2015

7 Floss Used

There was some un-stitching late last night.  That bottom left zig-zag box edge.  Off just one thread.  At the time I was stitching it weeks ago, I was having trouble counting it, and I am sure that was why I moved to another area.  Part of it has been restitched now.  I am just barely under having the 7th skein of floss complete.  I reversed the rabbit box on the left side, and he now also appears on the right side.  It feels more balanced.  The pattern shows a large bird, but the bird just felt too big.  It needs to be the heavy darkness of the bird or the rabbit.  I altered the dog in the box just a few stitches also.  I also added stitches to the small pot holding the flowers in the box next to the new rabbit. 
I ordered a Bluetooth receiver to plug into my old stereo to make it play music wirelessly from the computer and to learn Bluetooth.  Not that a wire is a big deal, but even old dogs need to learn a few new tricks.  But because I am waiting to get it, it is taking FOREVER to actually be shipped.  It was supposed to be here today - but it has not even shipped yet.  It took me weeks to decide which one but then once I decided, I was hoping it would actually ship.  I also bought a charger for charging e-readers and cell phones and usb rechargable things.  After I ordered that - days later, now they are no longer offering it for sale.  But all the reviews were good.  So I thought that was maybe that was what was holding up the other stuff.  It is just one of those cases when you look forward to getting it, and then it is delayed.


Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I was wondering how many skeins of floss were needed for this epic stitch? You seem to make amazing progress. It is wonderful. Irene xxx

Fay and Charlette said...

Your progress on this has been impressive!

nance henry said...

I've gone through books of quotes to find text for samplers, but I have also pulled motifs from other designs and replaced the text entirely with a graphical element.