Thursday, February 26, 2015

After 3 skeins

This is after 3 skeins of dmc used.  I needed to be at 1/3 done since I only have 9 skeins, and it looks like it could be close if I get to the end.  3 pages complete out of 12 pages.
The hoop I use is a 7 inch hoop.  I don't have a trick - but I would bet it is because I can stitch more hours than most people, especially this time of year.  I kept track of what I stitched since I last slept - I stitched 15 hours.  I have no interruptions.  I don't have kids or anybody asking anything else of me.  Now 15 hours is unusual, but I wanted to finish that skein.  But I can easily stitch 8 hours nightly, more or less.  Most people have a job, or other people expecting to be fed.  If you could just eat, sleep, do dishes and laundry and stitch....  after weeks of that, you'd think you should have more finished. 


nance henry said...

Wow. No interruptions?? That sounds...heavenly.... I'm actually having a little trouble imagining it.

You do beautiful work!

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I am much the same - if I get myself organised I can stitch for many long hours. I do have a son and two Irish Setters, one only 5 months old, but still - I can stitch! By the way - what happened to your black project that was so near completion? Irene xxx