Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Getting there

Getting there.  Stitching has slowed.  The larger open box will get stitched next.  I am trying to think of some wisdom or something that strikes me to use as text....  I got nothing.
As for floss amounts used - I am stitching with DMC skeins - 6 strands, and they are each 8 meters, or 8.7 yards each.  So that means - since I am past 7 and into the 8th floss - 64 meters of 6 strand.
I got my Bluetooth toys, it seemed to work with my old stereo, and my old headphones.  It is nice to get something and have it work and not to be disappointed.  Or have it be sooo complicated you don't want to use it.
 I went to the movie to see Paddington again.  My friend couldn't go the first time, and there wasn't anything I wanted to see playing this week.  So Paddington again with her was the answer. 

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

So close to finishing! All those metres of thread stitched. Well done. Can't help with the saying, but maybe try Pinterest. Irene xxx