Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Quarter Done

I stuck with stitching this a few extra days to get a better idea of the overall color.  I still think a few of the colors must have been something the company could not give away and decided to force them into a pattern.  I like the pattern, hate the colors.  The Buckeye Scarlet for the birds is fine.  A few greens are fine - but the lights greens or pinks - are just too light.  But I paid about $50 for the floss, and the pattern is not huge, I will stitch it the first one with the suggested floss.  I like the borders, but the leaves and vines are 4 colors, one of which is just too light - the Green Apple.  And one of which is just to bright like a lemony bright green called Spring Grass.  The white - called Picket Fences is only used for less than 30 stitches in each of the four corners.  What makes their white better than another white?  Nothing as far as I can tell.  I am missing a few stitches here and there to complete the corner, but basically this is what the corner looks like.  There is another border line - just inside the outer border - but it is one of those colors that I think is just too light to even see - but I don't want to short myself by stitching it in another color before I am sure I have enough floss to substitute another color.  I am not a great person at just substituting other floss colors. But I think if I can see a completed version - I might give it a shot. 
I haven't worked on the red project - or the one before that either.  Or before that... 
If I get too many different reds out, I am always worried I will mix them up.   Easier if you always stitch with the same red, but I am always willing to try something new.  But some of the colors I can't tell apart if there is just a strand.  There are a couple more patterns I would like to start, again, just to see what they look like - but I am also trying to learn to finish things I have started.   So I plan to put this away and go back and finish that border and have another project that I can call finished.


Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I clicked on this to have a better look and I like the colours. I wonder if it seems bright to you because you have been working in monochrome? I hope you don't get discouraged and not finish it - I do that if I have a nagging doubt about some aspect of my stitching. Irene xxx

Anonymous said...

Could it be the dye lot of the GA floss? I looked on the Long Dog FB group, and all the images that I could find of works in progress make the reds look redder, etc.