Monday, March 9, 2015

A Quick Side Stitch

This was a quick side stitch project.  Bent Creek - The Everyday Sampler
Stitched one over one on moss green 25 lugana, with the recommended dmc colors.
It has a square outer border that I skipped adding.  It had the top leaves, and I added the end leaves to make it a leaf border instead.  I altered a few letter stitches, just to make me happy.
It started out that I found a local stitching store with a sale, and I went thru my stash to see what I might need.  I went to the sale and found nothing that I wanted, but came home and started to stitch this from my stash.  Finished it in just a couple of nights.  I thought my online stitching order would show up in the mail, but I am still waiting.  It was a nice break.  And an actual finish of something that I started.

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

This is a lovely project. I think your changes worked really well. Have you decided on a finish for it? Irene xx