Sunday, March 15, 2015

After 6 Skeins

After 6 skeins of dmc floss.
Just silly, but I intended to finish the borders, then got sidetracked and worked on the top border box instead.  So when I removed it from the hoop to take a photo thinking I had the borders done - it was a surprise to me too.
I got my stitching order, the fabric went backorder.  I want to place another order, but I am on the fence because I am trying to not spend much in general.  But then my friend will talk about their spouse buying them a dvd, or the trip out of town, or that they went out for a nice dinner or lunch.  If I am alone - that doesn't happen.  So I know part of the key is for me to be nice to me.  Not too nice, and not all the time.  But from time to time, I need to buy what I want even knowing I don't need it.  But knowing I don't need it, I start to question why I want to buy it.
( Six hours later I clicked on the purchase button on the stitching website.  I shopped carefully.  I bought mostly stitching fabric so I should be set to just use from my stash again and need nothing more than an odd floss I don't have. ) 

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I agree with you completely, a little treat for yourself sometimes is fine. No need to feel guilty, just enjoy the fabric when it arrives. We all need a little joy in our lives. Irene xxx