Thursday, March 19, 2015

After 7 skeins of floss

After 7 dmc floss skeins.  This was the hardest floss to get thru.  Not because the stitching was more difficult, but because this is the stage I always get to and then desperately want to stop stitching and start something else.  It was all I could do to not start something else.  I even calculated how big the next projects would be and how big to cut the fabric, and yet I hung in there and kept stitching away on this.
I did turn the pattern 90 degrees on the center side boxes.  The pattern has the rows going vertically in those boxes, not horizontally.  But those rows have birds.  All the other rows would be fine either way, but birds sideways never made sense to me.  I have only found one slight error in the pattern.  On one band, the pattern was not a mirror image, and it felt like it was supposed to be.  The top right box, middle band.  Very tiny detail, and mostly is just me being fussy.  But if you are stitching the pattern, it is nice to know if there are lots of problems and mistakes, or no mistakes.  It you make a counting mistake, then things won't fit.  It is nicely balanced everywhere.  I like it with just the single color floss.  It certainly makes it much easier to stitch.  If there is a color error, I could not point that out because of stitching it only in a solid color.  And there was a few other things I changes.  The box with the birds I finished.  One row is all done in backstitching.  I preferred to not do it that way so I filled in with stitches instead of backstitching.  The other box has the same things - I am not anti-backstitching - I just prefer to skip it.  Also stitching one over one - the pattern shows an extra stitch that is not possible unless you are stitching over two - then you can make the suggested side to side stitch.  I had to alter the bird row just slightly - the pattern had half stitches - so I changed it so my version would not.  Now the trick is - will I finish it, or start something else. 

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